Snarky blogs on-the-go?
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Help me further my guilty, snarky pleasure 2.0: Kindle Edition

I recently asked the hivemind for recommendations on fun, snarky blogs/communities/etc. I got some great responses--among my favorites were stfu parents, passive aggressive notes, you suck at craigslist, and regretsy.

Anyway, I just got a kindle 3, and am really excited about its blog subscription feature. From the Amazon website, it seems that there are a lot of crazy blogs available about rude/weird/funny interactions with people, which fit the bill for my snarkiness requirement.

So, Kindle users, any recommendations for the best snarky blogs I can subscribe to on my Kindle?
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Semi-related, something like Feedbooks could take the RSS feeds of your current favorite blogs or sites (including Metafilter of course!) and distribute them to your Kindle. I haven't tried this yet personally, but was looking into it earlier this week. Maybe some that has could comment on their experience with RSS feeds.
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