What is Bill O-Rielly's home address?
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A friend and I are looking to mail Bill O'Reilly some falafel. [more inside]

While we've got the Fox News NYC address handy*, we were hoping to add a more personal touch - and increase our chances of getting the package by his screeners - by mailing them to his home address. Google has failed us. Any help tracking it down?

* Fox News
1211 Avenue Of The Americas
New York, NY 10036

presumably "Bill O'Reilly c/o" prefixed to this address should get it to him at work?

Any and all help or suggestions in this endeavor are appreciated.
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Response by poster: BTW, we've already figured out the logistical side, thanks to the services of: Falafel-ByMail.com or Solar Falafel (we haven't decided which to use yet). We just need a home address, if at all possible - if not, some advice on making sure he gets it at Fox News would be nice.
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It would take some cash, but the "Ultimate People Finder" from KnowX might be a good way of finding the home address of William James O'Reilly, Jr.

Also, I think this is funny
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Response by poster: First hit. Doesn't look pricey enough to be his home, though. More than one house, perhaps?
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Response by poster: Ah, no. Wikipedia has the answer regarding that house:

"In an interview (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3079847/) in September of 2003, O'Reilly stated that while the section of Levittown he grew up in was formerly called Westbury, it is now called Salisbury. In April of 2004, O'Reilly released the deed (http://www.billoreilly.com/images/PDF/deed.pdf) to the house his parents bought on Long Island in 1951, which shows the address as being in Levittown, NY."
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Email the fine people at michaelmoore.com or lyingliar.com. Perhaps they could help or point you in the right direction.
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Oops. Lyingliar.com is wrong. alfrankenweb.com is right.
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I don’t think this would be the right thing to do.
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What ed\26h said. Don't request private informations about public figures on a public forum.
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This sounds so GWB ca. 65.
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Can someone tell me where the O'Reilly/falafel thing started? I must have missed the memo.
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In the shower?
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Response by poster: adampsyche: #78

He meant to say loofa, but said falafel instead.
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Wouldn't it be easier, and more, well, understanding, to send him a loofah instead?
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Or at least a loofah with some tahini sauce?
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I really doubt you are going to find it. I've read several places, that due to the number of threats and harassment that he gets, he is insanely secretive of his family and their home.
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While I find this very amusing, I'd recommend against it. O'Reilly at work is fair game. O'Reilly at home, and Mrs. O'Reilly, are not. Just as Al Franken at home is not fair game for the jackasses who label their site the official homepage of Al Franken.

And visit the Fark thread.
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you don't get it, theora55. they're bad, but we're good. so we can do things like this and they can't. for example, one reason they're bad and we're good is that they believe in absolute morality and we don't. and a reason why we can do stuff like this is that they did something worse (invading countries is worse than sending falafel by post, duh!) - everyone knows we can do what we want as long as it isn't any worse than them (unless we'll be preventing something even worse, in which case we can do pretty much anything we want - an argument that applies here because if they get another term we could die in a nuclear war with korea (the bad half)).
ask amberglow for more info.
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Andrew Cooke, if we're ever in the same vicinity as one another, I'd like to buy you a drink.
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Andrew, I find that Ask.Me works better when it's sincere. In fact, I'd be happier if it was an official sarcasm-free zone.
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Wasting food as a protest? Seems sort of pointless.

No one is going to eat these falafels or falafel mix from their ideological enemy, right?
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Also, just on a purely practical level, remember the anthrax scare? after that most of the big NY media companies switched to private outside firms to handle their mail. The items you send will most likely end up in an anonymous dumpster in New Jersey or Long Island.
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What that seems to say is that you agree that this course of action is inappropriate but in stating that it is inappropriate, Andrew Cooke, because he is apparently right-wing, was being unreasonable. That would appear to be a peculiar sort of reasoning at best.
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