Wedding Restaurant in Marin
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My friend is suddenly getting married. It's a court-house wedding for immigration etc reasons. The "real" wedding will be in spring when all the parents will be here. Despite the fact that this is a paper wedding it's still a huge deal for all concerned and at the very least we want to go out to a fancy restaurant.

The wedding will be in Marin, California. What is a pretty restaurant on the water in the area? Edible food is a bonus. Sausalito? Tiburon? Pt. Reyes? Any place? Any place?

Help! This is for Tuesday, the 19th!
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There's a mexican restaurant in Tiburon I've been to, just on the water near the ferry boat landing. Great views and the food was alright, but mostly it's a location thing.
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Lark Creek Inn
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I've also been to that mexican restaurant in Tiburon that matt mentioned. No idea what it was called. The drinks were better than the food but it was in a gorgeous spot.
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Congrats to your friends!

Tell them to:

Take lots of photos, *especially* if The Foreign One is not from an OECD/"first-world" country. INS will probably want to see them later. Include photos of the happy couple with friends.

Unless they know for a fact that he's on a multi-entrance visa and that it will still be active, apply for Advance Parole and an Employment Authorization Document in the same packet with their Adjustment of Status paperwork.

If INS starts to screw up, or misses its own deadline, you should be on the phone to a congressman's office inside of ten minutes.

It doesn't matter if they hadn't been born yet. The Foreign One still has to promise that they weren't a Nazi between 1933 and 1945.
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The Mexican restaurant in Tiburon is called Guaymas.
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The Mexican place on the water in Tiburon is called GUAYMAS.

Pretty good - and folks from SF can take the ferry right there, walk a few feet to the restaurant.
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Great! The view thing might be a moot point since it's pissing rain today. Any non-great-view restaurants that people love?

Do you really have to swear you're not a nazi? That's awesome! (She was born in 1976 or something pretty recent!)

Thanks for your help!
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If you're willing to go up to Point Reyes, we love the Station House Cafe
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Point Reyes would probably be okay, depending on the storm- thank for the suggestion.
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Do you really have to swear you're not a nazi?

Yup, and lots of other things, too. Like never having committed genocide, never having been involved in organized prostitution, not being a drug dealer and not being a communist. Party poopers, those immigration folks.
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Has anyone tried the Pelican Inn? Is the food too British to foist on Russians?
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Party poopers, those immigration folks.

No kidding! Thing how boring San Francisco would have been if this had been policy in the 1800s!
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