Is there a service like Flickr but for movie clips?
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Is there a service like Flickr that would allow one to post a movie clip online and allow viewers comment on it? If not, does anyone have any advice on how a person with little to no web authoring experience could accomplish this?
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post a movie clip online and allow viewers comment on it

If that's all you want to do, just about any of the various weblog management services or packages would do the trick. If there are other aspects of Flickr you want, like the social networking functionality or that thing that lets you make a note about a part of a photo, some customization would be required.
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That was my thought too -- I was hoping for something that would be even more instant than setting up a Typepad or similar weblog. No social networking required.
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The keyword you're looking to Google is "VideoBlogging" or just "vBlogging". Here's some useful stuff I turned up:

VideoBlogging Wiki weblog, with a nice How-to at the top. will allegedly host small videos
vBlog Central is currently free, but they say in their FAQ that they want to change that.
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One piece of advice: Watch out for the bandwidth. A lot is not a lot when you're serving up video.
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