Best video game playthroughs on YouTube?
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A recent post about Deadly Premonition (the videogame) pointed me to this excellent playthrough (100% completion) on YouTube. I enjoyed it in part because it wasn't filled with a lot of stupid nattering and trying-too-hard-to-be-funny. The guy shut up when stuff was happening and just talked when appropriate, and his commentary was usually pretty listenable. What other playthroughs would you recommend? Any era, any platform, as long as I can watch on YouTube.
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It's not quite what you're looking for, but I've never enjoyed any other playthrough as much as I've enjoyed Let's Play Enviro-Bear 2000.
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Definitely The Void (Adventure/Russian weirdness, PC, 2008). I don't have a youtube link but you should also look into Pathologic let's plays on the basis it's an interesting game very difficult to play (especially in english).
L.A. Noire (Adventure/Crime, PS3, 2011). Maybe too much messing around for your like.
Trespasser (Adventure, PC, 1998). I haven't watched this all the way through but the first episode is well done.
Blood Bowl (Fantasy Sports, PC, 2009). Not a game with a story.

I don't know whether this counts but there are also a lot of "e-sports" commentaries/multiplayer game videos on youtube. I'm currently binging Gyle's Supreme Commander casts.
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You might like Deceased Crab's stuff, Cave Story and La Mulana perhaps. The Devil May Cry LPs there are also pretty thorough and competent though not full of sidebars like SGF's Deadly Premonition LP.
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It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but my favorite LP of all time is still Scorchy's KOTOR2 playthrough with some of the bits Obsidian cut rebuilt and played.
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Response by poster: I'm looking for playthroughs I can watch on YouTube (or more generally in video form)... KOTOR2 LP looks interesting but is just text and pix I think?
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I think Niggurath is probably the next closest to SGF's dry, sarcastic sense of humor. I like him as an LP'er because, like SGF, he shows off all the fun and interesting parts of a game without feeling the need to be forced, joke-a-minute funny. Added bonus: he's one of the most ridiculously well-prepared and productive LP'ers. If you like Niggurath, chances are you'll always have something good to watch.

My personal favorites are probably Haunting Ground, Necrovision, and ("Thank god someone else is playing this") Rule of Rose.

Also, not youtube but SGF has been streaming every Saturday at 8 EST on Twitch. Come join us.
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There are a couple I like watching just for humor value.

For example, TobyGames. Toby is an LA actor who plays games badly and does a fairly decent continuous narrative about what he's doing. You'll see walk-through's eventually, but he has the attention span of a housefly. He also assigns bad voices to video game characters and sometimes starts making up backstory and narrative, all of which are a little bit off color.

The Freelance Astronauts openly mock or misplay the games they pick and they don't pick necessarily good games. It's a shame they haven't done anything recently. I found them for their play-through of Seaman. NSFW language frequently.

Kikoskia's LP of Doom3 is hilarious as is his LP of E.T.
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The Trespasser playthrough linked above is excellent. Previously on Mefi.
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One of my favorites is Let's Play Kaizo Mario World -- the commentary could possibly be seen as "stupid nattering and trying-too-hard-to-be-funny," but Psychedelic Eyeball's irrepressible mirth (and thick Québécois accent) makes it fun to listen to, and the game -- a hacked version of Super Mario World with ludicrously hard gameplay -- is fascinating to watch someone good try to beat. There's a whole YouTube channel for it here.

In a similar vein is the popular Super Mario Bros.: Frustration, a similarly difficult Mario hack with amusing color commentary in a New Joisey (?) brogue.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is docfuture's incredibly chill playthrough of the original Sonic the Hedgehog (previously), with soothing narration and a smooth jazz soundtrack.
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