I'm looking for some specific spooky Christmas music, can you help me?
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Some time ago either on MeFi or BoingBoing there was a link to a bunch of songs that I *swear* were Christmas songs played in the wrong key or one half-tone down or something... Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about and where I could find this (again)?

They sounded frightening, yet eerily awesome! I have been searching like crazy for this, through old chat logs, old bookmarks, through the web (both MeFi and BoingBoing archives) and so far no such luck! At least not anything that is reminding me of it. Is it possible that it was not Christmas songs?

I was just telling some friends about it and wanted to provide a link. Thanks!
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Was it "It's An Off Key Christmas"? Here is Off Key Jingle Bells.
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Best answer: Looking at your tags (scary, spooky, creepy, eerie) it sounds like these songs were performed in a minor key. Evil Christmas Carols would seem to fit the bill.
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Response by poster: Hmmm... seems like that would be it, but I don't recall the songs being played so horribly. This is certainly interesting though, thanks! :)
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Response by poster: YES jjg! THAT IS IT! thank you so much!! Cheers and Merry Christmas!
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I'd also recommend checking out the selection on MeFi music this month. There's been some delightfully evil music coming out of the twisted Christmas music challenge.
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Also, Christmas Carols : in minor key.
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OMG, I simply must find a good copy of that Rudolf, for a friend. This friend always loves to point out what a wicked bunch those reindeer were, to be cruel to anyone who happened to be different, then turn completely around when they discover they need his help. (come to think of it, that sounds like Republicans, who only "reach across the isle" when they're the minority).
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Goofyy, you can order the CD from Their Site.
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