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Can you remember the 1970s disco songs that start with sound effects such as machine gun fire, door opening slowly , and a man laughing ominously?

I just cannot recall their names. And googling hasn't helped.

Please give me the names of a few of them.

Thanks a million.
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Fire - Ohio Players?
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Response by poster: Thanks for answering

The tempo and beat of the songs are fast and pretty furious. Like "Funky Town"

But "Funky Town" does not have sound effects such as gun fire, door creaking.
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The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace (1974)
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The Friends of Mr. Cairo starts with a lot of machine gun fire and other sound effects. Not sure I'd call it disco though, and it was released in 1981 by Jon & Vangelis.
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OK Chicago by Resonnance from the Shake Sauvage collection (also not disco).
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