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Gifting en masse. Looking for non physical holiday gift ideas that can be ordered online for 40+ people scattered throughout the world.

Over the last year, my small business has employed about 40+ freelance artists across the world for jobs ranging from pro-bono pitch work to five-figure campaigns, and I'd like to spread a bit of holiday cheer to both them and other vendors we have worked with.

Logistically, I can't buy or make physical items and ship them all out, so I am looking for suggestions of a small gift that can be purchased and fulfilled online.

The biggest problem is budget, as I can really only afford to spend 20 (Australian) dollars maximum per person without breaking the bank.

I feel that doing a straight up Amazon or iTunes gift certificate with a dollar amount on it might seem a bit lame, so I guess am looking for something along those lines that might be a bit more thoughtful.

(previous gifts along this line that I have given are magazine subscriptions, relevant charity donations, planting a tree in someone's name, website gift accounts, a laser etched disc that was going to be blasted into the moon... etc)

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T-shirts from Spreadshirt, either with your company logo or some unique design?
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Perhaps an individualized domain name/google apps account so they can have for their email address?

Might be a bit of a hassle setting it all up, but you can get domain names fairly cheap.
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Mefi memberships? Only half-kidding. I reckon any vaguely web-worker type person would get a kick out of this place.
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Kiva microcredit money to loan to the entrepreneur of their choice? You'd give that in denominations of $25, although other microcredit sites might differ in amount.
On a totally different tangent, custom printed M&Ms candy (!) are about $15/bag, which leaves some leeway for shipping.
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You can choose a specific album from iTunes to gift. You can choose a different one for each person, or just send everyone the same album. This assumes that people use iTunes, of course.
Audiobooks are a possibility too.
Or a collection of online recipes and a gift card for the local supermarket for the ingredients? I would like this, but I like food.
Movie tix for their local movie theaters?
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Amazon gift is probably best. Nearly everyone would use this, even people who normally pirate music..
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Seconding Kiva -- I'm giving a certificate to each family memeber this year. They get to choose the recipient, and when that loan is paid back, they can re-loan the same $$ again and again. Really is the gift that keeps on giving....
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I second Amazon certificates--yeah, it's not so personal, but it will definitely be used and provides a lot of flexibility to the recipient (books, music, movies, even food!)

Also, can I just say how awesome you are for thinking of your freelancers at all? Most freelancers are probably used to being overlooked--even in less-horrific economic times--and will be thrilled and touched at even a small sign of appreciation.
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How about an gift certificate? ($10, $25, and up.) It's definitely along Amazon/iTunes lines but maybe a bit less expected and it might introduce them to something new which could amuse them while they work.
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