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Tell me about your wireless prepaid internet download experience, with stats if possible.

A friend of mine is looking at purchasing wireless prepaid internet in Australia. As a guide, one company is offering a setup fee of $130 for the USB modem and then $59 for 1000MB. Is this a good deal if she will be using Google Earth occasionally? If not, any other suggestions? (also what is a typical download if you are just looking at email and an hour or so of web browsing each day?)
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Stay away from that company. I had unwired prepaid which was pretty expensive, but not at that insane level. It's not a good deal, and she will be incredibly limited with no scope for doing anything beyond the most basic.

I'd have a look at Unwired, which for light users can be reasonable: http://www.unwired.com.au/unwired/prepaid_plans.php (I think the contracted plans are slightly better) Or even something like virgin broadband

What company is that offer with? Telstra?
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Response by poster: It is Telstra, but I should add that this is mobile internet...... (sorry for the lack of clarity).

I have passed on the site though oxford so thanks for that.
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Best answer: Three (which probably means a more limited network than Telstra... but if you're in a major city, you should be fine) do modem + 12Gb (to be used within a year) for $249.

I've not used their service (though I use their mobile internet off my phone), but hey, beating Telstra price is normally not hard.
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