I need to get into Oklahoma's intertubes.
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What's the best way for me to get internet access around Christmas in El Reno, Oklahoma?

I'm going to be spending Christmas in El Reno, Oklahoma, with my SO's grandmother. She doesn't have internet access, but it'll be pretty important for me to be able to get online at least once in a while during the four or five days that we'll be there. It doesn't have to be very long--just long enough for me to check for any important e-mails.

I have a laptop with a wireless modem, but I can just as easily use some public computer. I just need to get online.

Does anyone know any good internet cafes in El Reno, or something similar?
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1) Just drive up to a motel and use their wireless Internet from the parking lot. El Reno is right on I-40 so that will be a surefire way to get connected.

2) For something more comfortable or legal, use your laptop's modem port (if you don't have one, buy a cheap PCMCIA card off an eBay "buy it now" sale). Then just get a no frills pay-as-you go dialup Internet plan, like Fry's (which I've used in a pinch.. easy and no contracts, plans, or anything like that).
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Is there a public library in the area? There may be time limits, a wait for a computer, or a requirement to sign up for a free access account, but it might fit the bill.
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Also... most truck stops also have wifi, most free with your coffee, some for pay. El Reno is a town with a couple of Love's stops, generally along I-40. They'll all have wifi, with a solid signal that reaches well into the parking lots (or you can go have a cup of coffee inside).
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Best answer: The El Reno McDonald's has wifi according to this website. It says it is on S. Country Club Drive.
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Response by poster: Oh, my! Amazing! My SO's grandmother eats breakfast at that McDonald's every morning. I think that'll work out perfectly for us.

Thanks to the rest of you! I didn't realize even truck stops and McDonald's were offering wifi these days. That's useful information to have.
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