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Does anyone know where I can get a strong plastic clip or carabiner to use on a leather lanyard?

The catch is, it must not be metal, or have any metal parts (like springs), as it needs to go through a metal detector undetectable. Maybe graphite (will that set off a metal detector) or some sort of carbon fibre would be prefereable. It does not need to be rated for mountain climbing

Also, preferably able to be sourced from within Australia.

It's harder to find than you'd think.
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This one is made out of PVC (look under "Material"). Even though the company seems to distribute promotional materials to other businesses, I'm sure that they'll be happy to send you a single carabiner if you call and ask nicely.
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Nearly every bookbag I've ever had has used Rock Lockster brand fasteners. They're impressively strong and most are completely nonmetal.
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Would you consider a swivel hook? Here is one Australian source, but any shop that sells sewing notions for outdoor sports or repairs packs should have these.
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The catch is, it must not be metal, or have any metal parts (like springs), as it needs to go through a metal detector undetectable.

Some metal detectors have fairly low sensitivity. I've been through a metal detector with metal zippers, metal plates in my arm, and a key or two, without setting off any alarms.

So if you had a plastic carabiner with a metal spring it might be fine. If you have the resources, you could do a test run through the metal detector with just the carabiner and see if it gets detected.
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These S-Biners are very handy and they should pass through the metal detector as only the clasp is metal. Not sure if they are stocked anywhere in Australia but you can certainly order them over the internets...
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Best answer: ITWNexus, who manufacturer many kinds of buckles, clips, and assorted fasteners, will send you up to five peices each of five of their items as samples:

Look for the lanyard clips (on the "Cord Locks" page) and see if one of the sizes is right for your lanyard. I make stuff and have requested samples from them a few times, and they are happy to send them without ever bothering me again. :7) They seem to operate worldwide, so this should be useful outside the U.S.

(P.S.: Please, other readers, do not kill this golden-egg-laying goose by being abusively greedy!)
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