Too much poop!
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New Puppy Filter: What is the deal with tapeworms?

Our new puppy, an australian shepherd (8 weeks old), had a tapeworm. We took him to the vet, and he was given the necessary injections to fix the problem. However, this puppy is seriously pooping about every 45 minutes, and is peeing more often than that. Is this a side effect of the meds? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance.
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ya deworming is not pretty. call your yet you don't want him to get dehydrated
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posted by patnok at 6:48 PM on December 11, 2008

Response by poster: Oh...I forgot to say...this dog has not eaten all day. Where is the poop coming from!? I am seriously considering calling the people at Guinness about having the poopingest dog ever!
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Here's a good tutorial on tapeworms I found when our foster kitten had them a few months ago.

After day or so of watching gross autonomous tapeworm reproductive systems clamber Lovecraftianly out of his rectum, we took him to the shelter, where he got a pill that cleared it up in about 48 hours, with none of the symptoms you're describing. I don't know how different puppies and kittens are in this regard, though; hope this helps a little.

Also, I don't know if you've had puppies before -- they eliminate quite a bit. Though what you're describing does seem a bit much. Patnok's suggestion to make sure he has access to plenty of water until you can find a vet is a good one.
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Puppies crap constantly. However with a tape worm they will go a lot more. You need to watch carefully to see when the damn worm has passed. If this keeps up though I would think about returning to the vet. Also you said "
Oh...I forgot to say...this dog has not eaten all day" Does he want to eat? If he doesn't it might be good for you to give him something like a cold browned *drain fat) ground beef and brown rice mixture.
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From hifi's site:

The tapeworm is killed and digested with the pet’s food. It is not passed in the stool later.

Here's another worm site.
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