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Any recommendations for (preferably) online Public Health Journals, Communities, or Blogs?

I sat in a room with Commissioner Frieden today and that, plus my friend giving me all of her GRE equipment, has motivated me to pursue my public health career.
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Best answer: You can sign up for news alerts from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health here.

If you're interested in humanitarian aid / development, Reuters AlertNet is a great resource.

And of course the Global Health Council and APHA are great resources.

You'll get better / more specific answers if you elaborate on your particular interest within the field.

(Can you tell I'm a public health nerd?)
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Also, previously.
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If you have any interest in environmental health, the journal Environmental Health Perspectives publishes a broad range of papers and last I checked was still free to access online.

This list of ph organizations with a social justice/health disparities bent may also be of interest.

If you're into infectious disease outbreak reports, the promed mailing list might be of interest.
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Kaiser Family Foundation rocks for health policy stuff.
I'm on several listservs they have. They have daily reports, weekly updates, and probably a ton of other stuff if you poke around on the website.

Also, the Guttmacher Institute has a bunch of good info about reproductive health.
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