Sex Addiction
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Does anyone know of a pornography or sex addiction group in the St. Louis area?

Looking for pornography or sex addiction group. Can be self-help group, therapy group, private, public. Just looking for resources...
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SLAA & SAA are national.
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Google SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) or Sexaholics Anonymous. There are chapters all over the country. I'd provide links but really don't want to search for this at work.

If by chance neither exist in your area, check the phone book for Alcoholics Anonymous and ask them. They will be able to confidentially direct you to one.
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SAA does not appear to have meetings in the St. Louis area, but you can double check by contacting them.

By e-mail

By Telephone
1-800-477-8191 from the USA and Canada or +1 713-869-4902 elsewhere
We answer our phone from 10AM through 6PM Central Time, Monday through Friday.
Voice mail is available at all other times.

By Regular Mail
PO Box 70949
Houston, TX 77270 USA

They also have phone meetings and web based meetings, you can get more info here
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