How does a dog-owner non-driver enjoy a getaway in upstate NY?
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How do I escape NYC for a few days and commune with nature upstate, in winter, with my dog? Oh, and I don't know how to drive.

Metro-North allows dogs, so I am looking for a cozy dog-friendly bed & breakfast or resort along the Metro-North line, that is accessible by cab. I'm looking forward to hanging out in my room and being able to take long walks or hikes with my dog. No need for crazy attractions or sports. Ideally, this B&B or resort would be in both walking distance of awe-inspiring nature and a town where I could walk 10-15 minutes to get groceries or a bite to eat. Should be safe, as I'm a single female with a not very scary dog. Is this an impossible dream? Thanks for your help!
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Wow you sound like me, except that I know how to drive and have a zipcar membership, so I'm a little less limited with where I can go upstate.

I don't have particular B&B suggestions - I've always rented a cabin when I've gone upstate with my dog. You might want to give a shot, but it's probably too expensive if you're going by yourself.

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference has a great resource called "You Don't Need a Car" with very specific info on how to get places with hiking and nature:

As far as good places to go, that are safe and near pretty spots or hiking, I'd say: Beacon (Hudson Highlands), New Paltz (the Gunks), Saugerties / West Saugerties / Woodstock (Catskills).

Sleepy Hollow is pretty as well. Rhinebeck is pretty awesome but I'm not sure if you can bring your dog on the Short Line bus that goes there. I am 99% sure you still can't do so on Amtrak (lame!) which also goes to Rhinebeck.

Good luck!
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Look into Cold Spring on the line East of the Hudson. I took a train up there and biked to a real nice camp site in an hour or two, and I'm almost positve there's pretty trees, hills, and the river that's accessible by foot. The town is really charming and has B and Bs within a few hundred yards of the train. Also delicious delicious food at The Foundry Cafe.

This is a great idea, and you've inspired me to take a little weekend trip in the next few weeks.

Have fun!
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2nding New Paltz. You can get there by taking the Metro North to Poughkeepsie and then cabbing it to whatever B&B you find. It's not a long cab ride and the drivers probably do it all the time for the SUNY- New Paltz kids.

Yes, New Paltz is a college town, and a pretty nice one with lots of health food stores, consignment shops and New Age-y type places (if you're into that sort of thing). You'd have everything you need in walking distance.

I also know there's quite a bit of hiking in that area. You'd be right near Mohonk Preserve. Unfortunately I can't be of much help to you in terms of how to get to Monhonk without a car, but the people at Mohonk or your lodging might know.
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Seconding Rhinebeck, and also Beacon, which is like Brooklyn North.

Unfortunately transporting the dog is an issue as is finding a B&B that will take pets. Did that research recently. No pets, no kids.
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Rhinebeck is very cute. So is Red Hook (a quick cab ride from Rhinebeck will get you there). Both places are little towns that will satisfy your need for food & dog treats. You'll also be very close to trails and lots of nature. Apparently, The Grand Dutchess B&B allows pets sometimes, as well.

New Paltz is not so cute. Much of it is grimy and overrun with head shops and university bars. If nature is your motivating drive to get out of town, you can do better than New Paltz.

Another alternative would be to take the train to Port Jervis, NY and then take a cab to Milford, PA (probably the cutest of the three towns, and very walkable, to boot). The Hotel Fauchere there is a little bit luxe, but it allows pets and is three blocks from the Delaware River. Up in this part of the tri-state area, the Delaware is stunningly gorgeous.
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I found the Breakneck Ridge Hike recently. The trailhead is right near a stop on the Hudson River Line. More info. I have no info on B&Bs, but a google search might prove useful.
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