Road trip instrumentals
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I'm looking for some good road trip music, specifically instrumental music, acoustic guitar if possible.
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California Guitar Trio. Among the tracks I downloaded back in the glory days of Napster, were Bohemian Rhapsody and the theme to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
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Michael Hedges: Aerial Boundaries
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Michael Hedges: Aerial Boundaries
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Alex de Grassi: melodic acoustic guitar with enough complexity to keep you awake.
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Try Calexico, perhaps. Not acoustic guitar, but near it.

Also Trans Am, perhaps. They've done a bit of guitar work here and there.

If you're headed at all west, definitely check out Ennio Morricone's works (including GB&U).
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What about old school guitar like Django Reinhardt
Or his modern-day contemporaries, The Rosenberg Trio.

Not acoustic guitar, but albums by The Bad Plus or Christopher O'Reilly playing piano versions of Radiohead would make great roadtrip music.

Calexico, while really good for a roadtrip, isn't really instrumental, though.
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Ry Cooder, particularly the Paris Texas Soundtrack.
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Leo Kottke (no relation to the proprietor of Rhino put out a good anthology.
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I second Leo Kottke.
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Jesse Cook? I think Tempest and Vertigo would be fabulous road trip music.
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Jack Rose. The Locust Music "Wooden Guitar" compilation. Steffen Basho-Junghans, and early Robbie Basho. Six Organs of Admittance. Sandy Bull. Cuneiform Records' "156 Strings" compilation. Rick Bishop's "Salvador Kali".

John Fahey, say "The Voice of the Turtle". Richard Thompson's "Strict Tempo". Hans Reichel's "Lower Lurum". Janet Feder.

Currituck Co.'s latest (Ghost Man on First).

Not acoustic guitar, but instrumental and guitar-oriented and I think it would make great driving music: Upsilon Acrux's "Volucris Avis Dirae-Arum".
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Anything by Andres Segovia
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Yes - Paris Texas. Forgot about that one. Beautiful, haunting slide guitar.

Also - I've recently fell in love with Set Fire to Flames.
posted by davebush at 10:46 AM on October 12, 2004

Thanks everybody. Postcards, all around! I'm off to Amoeba Records.
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Electrical Counterpoint by Steve Reich, with Pat Metheney.
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There's a whole bunch of ambient/easy listening mixes at globalbeatz, free download (just find them amongst the techno/hardcore mixes!) - maybe strictly not acoustic guitar only, but definitely many mixes suitable for road-trips.
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Don Ross! If your're into off-beat, crazy, funky acoustic solo guitar stuff. The guy rocks as if a complete band is playing.
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The Moon and the Banana Tree - New Guitar Music From Madagascar (Shanachie Records 64074)

Corey Harris: Greens from the Garden.

Bob Brozman in Hawaii: Kika Kila Meets Ki Ho'Alu
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You could try one of the Paco De Lucia/Al Dimeola/John McLaughlin albums. It's a really virtuosic and melodic mix of jazz and flamenco, all done with just three acoustic guitars.
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Big second for Jesse Cook. The Tempest album is the most amazing guitar work I have ever heard in my life.
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Bert Jansch's first album is good.
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Michael Hedges Live On The Double Planet
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