Is something wrong with the Gawker website?
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Anyone know what happened to Gawker? As of this morning I'm seeing a netsol placeholder page. The whois info is ...odd.
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Took a while to load for me, but it came up. The first entry says:

If you're seeing this post right now, consider yourself one of the lucky elite (just like aSmallWorld, but unintentional!). Network Solutions, Gawker Media's lovely provider, has essentially crapped its techie pants and we're just sitting here, watching ice dilute our Bloody Marys. Gawker can more or less be found here in the meantime and, of course, we'll do our best to provide you with some work-avoiding content whenever we're actually able to do so.
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(By the way, the "here" is here)
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Network Solutions, Gawker Media's lovely provider

i would have expected a modicum of competence out of gawker. everybody with a glimmer of intelligence walked away from netsol last century.
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I'm with quonsar. I don't read that site but I thought it was supposed to be a young, hip, urbanite rag or something. Using NetSol obviously negates that impression.
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There is an announcment on Gizmodo. Well it seems that Network Solutions (our internet name registrar) has decided to cancel and suspend our primary, life-giving domain because of a failed credit card transaction over a month ago. Not a missed payment, mind you—we were registering a new name domain name and something went screwy ...In the mean time, if you need to get to, the IP is
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Joel of Gizmodo axed me to post the following for him:

"NetSol sucks big donkey dong, for honest. Hopefully this will be enough to convince [Denton, et al] to stop paying money to the internets' biggest boil and GoDaddy."

That is all.
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I see that is still avaliable, however.
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