New Year's Eve in Jerusalem?
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I'm excitedly returning to Israel for the first time since I lived in Jerusalem for a year in the mid-nineties. I'm co-leading an intergenerational synagogue trip in a few weeks, and I'd love any recommendations.

-New Year's Eve in Jerusalem? (We're staying at the Mt. Zion hotel, near the Liberty Bell Garden). Any happening places in the Russian Quarter? Nice restaurants downtown that would have a New Year's celebration (I know it's not a holiday in Israel, but still...)

-Shabbat afternoon in Tel Aviv (we're staying at the Marriott Renaissance, on the beach). Are restaurants, museums or shops generally open or closed on Shabbat?

Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: American living in Israel here.

1. For New Year's Eve in Jerusalem, you're set. The Russian *Compound* has a number of good bars/nightclubs and there are dozens of bars and restaurants celebrating NYE around Ben-Yehuda/Zion Square, Talpiot and the German Colony. I enthusiastically recommend the monthly English language edition of Time Out Israel ( and as well.

2. Saturday afternoon in Tel Aviv is relatively hopping. Museums are most shops are closed, but restaurants and a minority of shops (mostly boutique/specialty stores or chains) remain open. Although it's touristy, most of the shops around the Port in North Tel Aviv are open - and in Jaffa as well.
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Response by poster: Would you recommend any bar/nightclub in the Russian Compound (I can't believe I wrote Quarter!) in particular, either to a) give our congregants the best "taste" of the RC, or b) have the best New Year's hang?
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Hey, I'm leading an intergenerational synagogue tour then, and we'll be staying at the Mt. Zion too! Let me know (or MeFi Mail me) if you want to meet up for a shawarma while we're there.
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