Hiking in Israel
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Good places to hike in Israel?

I'm looking for good places to hike within 75-90 minute drive of Tel Aviv. I like hikes that are 3-5 hours in length, roundtrip. Willing to drive up to Haifa or down to the northern desert.

A few catches:
-Would like to stay within the Green Line (pre-1967 Israel).
-Planning on going Saturday, so public transportation is probably not an option.
-Willing to rent a car and drive there.

Going in March so would like places with good weather. A hike to a summit is preferred but not necessary.

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Ein Gedi is beautiful. I think you could easily spend all day there. It's within the Green Line, but the most direct driving route from Tel Aviv is going to take you through the West Bank.
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I was going to say Ein Gedi as well.

I remember a gorgeous hike up near Haifa, in a wooded area with a waterfall, but it was about twelve years ago and I'm sorry to say I don't remember anything specific enough to help you find it.

Also, I found that Machtesh Ramon is so much more vast, with so much more color, than I'd imagined. Wish I'd been able to do some more extended hiking there. It's a crater, rather than a summit, but well worth the trip.
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Nahal Yehudia is a great water hike within the Green Line. Might be chilly in March, so check the weather.
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