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A friend with a free Blogger account has asked me to recommend a way to track visits to her site (e.g. hits, views, maybe even geography and IPs.) She'd prefer something invisible (no big tracker badge) and is willing to pay. I don't have any experience with any and Google fails to distinguish anything useful. Suggestions?
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Try this.
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statcounter seems to work pretty well for me.
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I'd second
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Reinvigorate is good, but put the Javascript code at the bottom of the HTML page, not the top. When their server is down (as it is more than you might want), that Javascript won't load, and neither will the rest of your page until it does.
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Sitemeter is fine, and have never given me any flak about the fact that I hide their big badge with CSS.
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Mo Nickels, I'm glad you mentioned that. When I first signed up with Reinvigorate, I couldn't figure out why my blog would load halfway and then hang. Seems to be working fine now.
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I used a free Extreme tracker for a long time, and was quite happy with it. You can add several features, including making it private, by upgrading to their paid product. If privacy and 0 cost are essential, I guess look at other alternatives. Extreme's strengths are quick setup and ease of use.
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I use Extreme as well, and it's great.. I don't mind having the badge on my site so I stick with the free one. It tracks pretty much everything... Hits, IPs, geography, referrers, so on. It also keeps track of average daily/weekly/monthly info, highest days, etc. It costs something like $5 a month to make it private, if that's what your friend needs.
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