Overseas Job. Scam?
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My sister was asked if she wants to join a friend teaching english in europe. One thing she said raised a red flag, though. [mi]

Apparently, the program charges $1600 for you to stay for four weeks and take the class to get your teaching certification. They would then help you get a placement teaching in the city of your choice. I hadn't heard of a program that charged to do the training, though, and that made me question it.

Does this sound legit? Am I simply being an overcautious older brother?
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This is the program's website: http://www.teflintl.com/

Comments from mefiites that have done something like this or have researched it (or live over in europe) would help! Thanks.
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Depends on the certificate she would get. The best certificate, to my knowledge, is the CELTA. You can read about it here. If the institute she's considering is offering a different certificate, I would do a bit of research before commiting. There are a bazillion places offering their own certificates. Only the CELTA is universally recognized. Again, someone may have different info but that's my understanding.
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Some tips on avoiding overseas job scams.
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Sounds like a scam to me. It would sound a little less like a scam (but still a scam in my eyes...) if they didn't make you pay for it up front but rather once you got a job. If they were truly a good school, they'd have deals with the schools out there to take the money directly out of the paycheques.

Sounds like she isn't going to Europe to get a job, but rather going to Europe to take a class.

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