What's my cut for selling this jewelry?
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CapitalistFilter. So I'm selling some jewelry for a friend and need some advice on what sort of cut I should ask for. (MI)

So over a two day period at a local flea market I made $1100 in sales. To the best of my knowledge my friend marks up the jewelry about 100% so he paid $550 for everything and the total profit was $550. The jewelry and display cases were his and he paid $50 for the spot to sell. But I did the setup and the selling. We left the arrangements kinda loosey goosey, which was probably a mistake in retrospect. So, keeping in mind that we may do this in the future, how much should percentage should I ask for?
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25% of profit? [/wild-ass guess]

Total profits here are $500 (you have to deduct the $50 for the cost of the space from profits), which would put $125 in your pocket. If you worked for two days, at 8 hours a day that works out to $7.81 an hour, which seems cheap to me.
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I've never sold on comission but the standard that I have seen is usually 15 - 25%.
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