What's my cut for selling this jewelry?
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CapitalistFilter. So I'm selling some jewelry for a friend and need some advice on what sort of cut I should ask for. (MI)

So over a two day period at a local flea market I made $1100 in sales. To the best of my knowledge my friend marks up the jewelry about 100% so he paid $550 for everything and the total profit was $550. The jewelry and display cases were his and he paid $50 for the spot to sell. But I did the setup and the selling. We left the arrangements kinda loosey goosey, which was probably a mistake in retrospect. So, keeping in mind that we may do this in the future, how much should percentage should I ask for?
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25% of profit? [/wild-ass guess]

Total profits here are $500 (you have to deduct the $50 for the cost of the space from profits), which would put $125 in your pocket. If you worked for two days, at 8 hours a day that works out to $7.81 an hour, which seems cheap to me.
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I've never sold on comission but the standard that I have seen is usually 15 - 25%.
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First, you've got to negotiate your cut before you start selling. If you don't, then you just have to take what you are offered and be happy about it. For the next time you sell, specify a percentage. Ideally, write up an agency contract that spells out your commission. You may want to specify that you are an external sales agent and explicitly spell out that you are not (or are, as the case may be) an employee.

A commission of 15-30% is a typical for goods or contracts that sell for less than $100k. As the goods increase in value the commission tends to decrease in order to keep the sales person motivated. If you take a salary or draw then expect to be paid your commission less whatever you have already received as a draw.
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