Locating version of "The Little Drummer Boy" by a young boy.
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A friend has spent over ten years trying to locate a version of the song "The Little Drummer Boy" that he listened to as a child. What he remembers is that it was performed by a young boy (or, possibly, a girl) and that while there may have been other singers on the track, it definitely wasn't a choir version. This ring a bell for anyone?
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Aled Jones and Terry Wogan's version?
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The Harry Simeone Chorale rendition of Little Drummer Boy is the 1960's-era release of the tune that many recall from childhood. It's sung as a harmonized duet, with a basso backup.
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When was your friend a child? When I was a kid in the late 80s, I had a tape that was all Holiday songs sung by kids. There was a version of that song. As I recall, the kid did not have a very good voice (I think that was supposed to be part of the effect). Of course, now I can't remember the name of the tape, but maybe that's it?
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He would have been a child in the early 80s. It definitely was a single child singing the song.
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My thought was Aled Jones as well, who was born in Dec 1970, so would be a boy in the early 80s. Here's a version of him singing O Holy Night, but fshgrl shows he sung Little Drummer Boy, too.
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I grew up around the same time and my parents used to play the Boney M Christmas Album... the Little Drummer Boy song on the album has a boy singing the second verse. Maybe this one?
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Could it have been from the Rankin/Bass production of "Little Drummer Boy"? Here's a youtube link of the last five minutes of the movie which features what sounds like a choral version of the song, but I was a child (well, a young teenager) in the 80's and this was constantly shown then and when I was younger.
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