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Looking for the best deal on Comcast! I'm moving into a new house in the Denver Metro area tomorrow and I'm looking to get Comcast service. I need television service and high speed internet. I'm willing to commit to up to a year of service. Where can I get the best deal/discounts/perks for signing up as a new customer?

I don't -want- to get the voice service (home LAN line) but I'm willing to consider if it sweetens the deal. Mostly I use my cellphone and that works, so I'm open to ideas. I'm also ready to call -right now- and secure the service so any deals only applying to November are fair game.
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The only place you can get Comcast's services is from Comcast' so you don't have a lot of shopping to do. Call 'em up and ask them what their specials are. Tell them you're considering DirecTV (even if you have already decided on Comcast) and you will probbaly get their best offer.
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I absolutely hate Comcast and am very close to getting rid of their service. First thing that bugs me is that our city changed cable providers last year, Comcast comes in this year and raises our bill by 20$ a month. They now charge a 100$ installation fee, our old service provider didn't do that. I live in Bloomington IN and for some reason I can't watch all the IU games unless I pay the extra 10$ a month for Big Ten Network (but that's on both Comcast and the Big Ten). The biggest thing that really pisses me off is they crack down on Bit torrents. I mean wtf, if I am paying them to provide me internet than fuck them to try and tell me how to use it (I don't use bit torrents but that's not the point.) Right now our cable/internet bill is 120$/month, I don't know what direct tv is but my recommendation is get something else.
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The best advice I can give, which works for me here in Indianapolis, is to find a direct sales rep. Do not call the 1-800 number. From what I have seen in the couple places I have lived is that almost all major metro's have these. They are guys who work on commission I believe and who come out and hook it up. They also seem to have quite a bit of ability to give deals to people. I have used them in my last few hookups and have gotten speedy service and better deals than I could ever get.

Another great thing about them that I have found is they are fast. The last 3 times I have used them 2 of those times they were at my house the same day I called. The other time he was there at 9 the next morning (not his fault he was out of town with his family the day I called).

The best way to find one is to find an apartment complex near where you live and stop into the office and see if they have a list of people to call to hook up utilities. They may have the name of a direct sales rep.

Just as an example of what I get: I have digitial plus, all premium channels (hbo etc.), dvr box, and the fastest speed of internet and I pay about 80 bucks plus the taxes and fees. It is worth tracking them down.
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You can go through this site --> http://www.comcastoffers.com/ and theoretically you'll get a free modem and cash back and a low rate for a couple months. Theoretically, meaning if you are disorganized like me and forget to carefully fill out and send in the stuff for the rebate, you won't get it. :) But if you can do that, it helps. Comcast are stupid overpriced IMHO but they're the only game in town where I live. I don't have phone service through them though, just TV and internets.
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The only place you can get Comcast's services is from Comcast' so you don't have a lot of shopping to do.

I was gonna mention what citron did -- there are ways to get discounts on stuff like the cable modem, plus rebates on the first few months of service. Plus, going through them doesn't stop you from also calling comcast and saying "My service is too expensive, what can you do for me?" or "I heard about this great deal on random-other-internet-service-that-may-not-even-be-available-for-you can you come close to matching at all?" or "I want free movie channels, what deals do you have right now", etc etc etc. And if you don't hear what you want to hear, then call back.

I'd also check out stuff like slickdeals.net forums and fatwallet.com forums to see if there's any specific regional deals for you. Just search the forums for comcast.
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I've used these guys twice now. I live in Denver and I've had no problems. You do have to follow detailed instructions to get the modem and rebates, but it's not too tough. In terms of broadband, comcast is pretty much the only deal in town. We have qwest, but DSL sucks. I think Verizon may be coming to town soon, but that's only a rumor.

Also, haggle with the guys you talk with on the phone. You can usually work in a free install or cheaper monthly rate for a longer period... Monopolies are more willing to throw in a freebie to keep things going smoothly and I think the reps work on commission anyway.
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