Why are there fireworks tonight in west Houston?
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What is the massive fireworks display tonight in west Houston?

Wife and I are sitting here watching TV and I start hearing thuds and booms in the background. Stuck my head out a window and I hear what's obviously a BIG fireworks display, but I can't see anything and googling "november 22 fireworks houston" turns up nothing.

So, why the fireworks between approximately 10:30 and 11:15pm?
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Maybe a local team won a big high school or college football game? That's happened in my neighborhood a few times. Not "massive" but I don't live in Houston either, and everything's bigger in Texas.
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Could they be for Santa?
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Oops that seems to have been at 7:30. nm
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Are you near the Royal Oaks subdivision ? Those crazy noveau riche yuppies have many fireworks shows throughout the year. One time I was driving by on Kirkwood around mid-April and there they were, shooting fireworks up. Turns out it was some kind of party the developer was throwing to wow prospective buyers.
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Ah, and looking at your profile you're not too far away. Could you tell if the sound was coming from west of your location?
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We were the same here, in West Houston, sounded as if it was South East of us, more towards downtown...but it was very loud, we could even hear it inside our home, no windows or doors open. We went outside and listened, turned on the local news at 10:20 ish, nothing. Was disconcerting to say the least, left alot the imagination..lol my first thoughts, god were under attack!! laffing, am sure it was fireworks, but would love to know more and also would be nice if there were some kind of notice on the news, and or internet just so we'd know..
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There were fireworks in Austin last night related to a mall's christmas tree lighting event. I bet you it was some corporate sponsor "lighting a tree" or some such thing in order to inspire consumer confidence and love of shopping.
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I was thinking the same thing as mattbucher. Next week will be the overwrought lighting ceremony at the Galleria--the one last night might've been a cousin from a lesser mall.
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Perhaps the strangest thing of all this, is no one is forthcoming on what or where they were, i checked the malls closest to me, no show of this kind was scheduled last evening. Also there's a noise ordinance in Houston, that prohibits this kind of noise after 10pm..Had it not been so loud, I doubt I'd be in such a quandary, but to make most in my neighborhood rush outside to look, its interesting to say the least.
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Looks like this will remain unsolved.
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think i may have the answer, they did the fireworks for the lighting of Westheimer Thanksgiving night, the sound was just as loud from the same direction, am thinking the 22nd was perhaps a practice night for that??
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Naw, they don't test fireworks like that.
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