Come on lets go space truckin!!!
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I don't typically listen to classic rock, but I'm SURE they're out there.. what are some big, stupid, loud rock songs about space? I don't mean spacey sounding, I mean.. Deep Purple "Space Truckin," Monster Magnet "Space Lord." More, please.

In fact, even if those two songs & any others you name are about something else and just cover it up with lyrics about space, that's cool too, anything you can think of. I'm really looking for the stomp-y, overwrought, RAWK type of stuff.. no "Space Oddity" for this list. Space aliens are most definitely OK.

(If only Soundgarden "Spoonman" were "Spaceman" and Zeppelin "Immigrant Song" were "Astronaut Song"..)
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Well, if "Space Oddity" is out, what about "Ziggy Stardust"?
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This was basically Hawkwind's entire schtick.
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If I remember correctly, the original Heavy Metal soundtrack had plenty of space-related songs.
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"Rocket Man", by Elton John?
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I think that Mojo Nixon has done some stuff like that, but I can't give you any specific titles. (A couple of his songs were in the soundtrack for "Redneck Rampage", is how I know about it.)

And yeah, his stuff is loud and raucus.
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"The Final Countdown" by Europe

"In Space" by Ludo <-- cheesy, but it's definitely about space.
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Europe's Final Countdown is chock full of spacey subject matter!
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Space Station #5 5:18 Montrose Montrose $0.99 Rock
Cosmos (Outer Space) 4:11 T.A.T.U. Dangerous and Moving $0.99 Rock
Space Monkey 4:05 Patti Smith Easter $0.99 Rock
Space Invader 3:26 Pretenders Pretenders (Remastered) $0.99 Rock

and my favorite:

Major Tom (Coming Home) - Peter Schilling 4:59 Various Artists Living In Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits - Volume 5
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ELO did a theme album called Time in 1981, with some big, geeked out wooooo wooo synthy space songs on it, like Ticket To The Moon (aka TIGGA - TOODA - BOOooOO)
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Response by poster: Heh, any particular song by Hawkwind? I don't know anything about them..
Also, I love David Bowie and have about 12 of his albums :)

thanks everyone, keep em coming!
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Possibly a little bit less with the rawk than you need, but there is the Stones' "2000 Light Years From Home."
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Styx's "Come Sail Away" has a space-y twist:

I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise
They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies

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It seems like Rush and Alan Parsons Project must have some songs that mention space, but no specific titles come to mind right now.
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It doesnt mention space specifically... but Zager and Evans hit song "In the Year 2525" has a great futuristic (if somewhat apocalyptic) vibe.
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"Take Me Away" and "Sole Survivor" by Blue Oyster Cult...probably some others by them I can't think of.

I'd also say, "Starship Trooper" by Sarah Brightman, but that's just disco...but I'll say it anyway.
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Oh! E.T.I., also by BOC
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Black Sabbath - Into the Void, although I prefer the version by Kyuss.

Muse's album Black Holes and Revelations has a few: Supermassive Black Hole and Knights of Cydonia which sounds like a Queen song but has an awesome (and I don't use that word lightly) video.

These don't rock hard but are still cool:
Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
The Soundtrack of Our Lives - Firmament Vacation
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Billy Thorpe- Children of the Sun. It gets a bit flowery in the middle, but the guitar in the beginning is pretty edgy.
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Space Dementia by Muse also. Very grandiose, very spacey, and f*ckin rocks!
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Leningrad Cowboys - Space Tractor
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Early Pink Floyd was known for their Spacerock:
Astronomy Domine
Interstellar Overdrive

The Who went science fictiony if not quite spacey with

And this may not quite be rock, but it's overwrought and definitely spacey:
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Seconding Hawkwind. You could do a lot worse than any random track from the Space Ritual album.
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blows against the empire by jefferson starship is about hippies stealing a starship. (the album was nominated for a hugo award, even)

starship trooper, by yes, on yessongs

while not quite stompingly rock and roll, more new wave, the b-52's have planet claire and shake that cosmic thing

regarding rush, on the album hemispheres there's cygnus x-1 about flying into a black hole. the album 2112 has chunks set in the future, although i don't recall offhand if they're specifically spacey.
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To the Center - by Nebula.
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Martian Boogie by Brownsville Station.

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Rocket - Smashing Pumpkins

This is borderline: the lyrics are about space only if you listen to them in the context of the title and video.
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How about Blondie's Rapture?

Not exactly loud rock, but maybe Black Sabbath's Planet Caravan?

Also Tom Rapp's Rocket Man.
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A Beautiful Mind - Attack Ships On Fire Off The Shoulder Of Orion and Six Point Two Billion Light Years

Kraftwerk - Spacelab

The Vandals - Master Race In Outer Space

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

The Flaming Lips - Vein Of Stars

aimed at kids (not to mention OLD), but among Science Songs are many about space (including the original of They Might Be Giants - Why Does The Sun Shine?

and let us not forget The Laziest Men On Mars - The TERRIBLE SECRET of SPACE!
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Modest Mouse:
Third Planet
Gravity Ride's Everything
The Stars are Projectors (It's a recurring theme from the album Moon and Antarctica)
Space Travel is Boring

Drive-By Truckers:
Space City
Puttin' People on the Moon
Gravity's Gone

And as far from hard rock as you can get:
Emily by Joanna Newsom
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If you like Space Lord you should check out the Atomic Bitchwax, which is Ed Mundell from Monster Magnet's other band:

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Everything by the Phenomenauts
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For Canadians of a Certain Age, the first thing that pops to mind would be Spaceship Superstar by Prism (skip the slow-ish first 40 seconds to get to the real astro-fromage).
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Best answer: Helios Creed - "Your Spaceman." I had this 7" single in the early '90s and played it to death.
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My Dog Is An Astronaut, Though by Pond. Starts quiet and slow, then kicks it up into rawk territory. Wish I could find a link so a sample, at least. Doesn't seem to be on itunes.
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Starship - MC5
Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult (actually I have no idea what this song is about)
Girl on the Moon - Foreigner
Hangar 18 - Megadeth (well it's about aliens)
Stairway to the Stars - Sweet (actually more about heaven)

Turbonegro must have SOMETHING, but I can't think of anything.

If you're making a mix, Jimi Hendrix's EXP (the opener to Axis: Bold as Love) could be a great opener. It's not a song, though, exactly.

As a final note, it because of this thread that I learned today that "Invaders" by Iron Maiden is not about an alien invasion, but a Viking invasion. The more you know...
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Space Cowboy by Steve Miller Band. (Often confused with The Joker, which is a completely different song.)
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Specifically on the Hawkwind tip: Space is Deep, Down Though the Night, The Awakening, Time We Left This World Today, Adjust Me, Children of The Sun, Earth Calling, Lord of Light (which I think steals its title from one of my favourite Roger Zelazny sci-fi novels) but to be honest, as has already been said, most of their output was pretty sci-fi orientated.

Versions of all of these tracks can be found either on the live double album 'Space Ritual' or on 'In Search of Space' and 'Doremi Fasol Latedo' which were slightly earlier studio offerings.

Also don't forget The Stones' 20,000 Light Years From Home, which you can find on 'Their Satanic Majesties Request'.
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Not quite classic rock, but you'll many space-y moments on Chrome's Half Machine Lip Moves, featuring the duo of the above-mentioned Helios Creed and Damon Edge.
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It seems like Rush and Alan Parsons Project must have some songs that mention space, but no specific titles come to mind right now.

Side one of the album 2112 by Rush. Here's Wikipedia's synopsis:

In the year 2062, a galaxy-wide war results in the union of all planets under the rule of the Red Star of the Solar Federation. The world is controlled by the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx, who determine the content of all reading matter, songs, pictures - every facet of life during the year 2112 ("The Temples of Syrinx").

A man discovers a guitar (ancient miracle) and learns to play new, different music from what he has ever heard. When he goes to present this to the priests of the Temples, they destroy the guitar. He goes into hiding and dreams of music; upon awakening he becomes severely depressed and commits suicide after a few more days in hiding. As he dies, another planetary battle begins ("Grand Finale") resulting in the (perhaps deliberately) ambiguous ending "Attention all planets of the Solar Federation: We have assumed control." (This spoken section was created by Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson reportedly "messing around with a tape recorder".)

I fucking love Rush.
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Astro Zombies by the Misfits?
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Also, not big dumb loud rock, but Parliament-Funkadelic is all about the Mothership and interplanetary funksmanship, and Sun Ra is an Egyptian god from Saturn.
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Children of the Sea by Black Sabbath
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Love and Rockets - Holiday on the Moon
Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds
Black Sabbath - Supernaut or 1000 homo dj's version.
T Rex - Spaceball Ricochet
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Seconding 2112, the title song from Rush's album. It's a 20-minute plus song and it is so f-ing awesome.
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High Roller by Crystal Method

(probably doesn't really qualify as rawk, per se - but stomp-y? overwrought? oh yeah)
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Klaatu "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft"
Yes "Arriving UFO"
Flaming Lips "Take Me Ta Mars"
Hoodoo Gurus "Mars Needs Guitars"
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My kid recently had a space-themed birthday party. A mix CD we had running in the background included:

Loving the Alien - David Bowie

Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Project, seen here blended with "Sirius"

Across the Universe - Beatles (Fiona Apple did a nice version, as well)

Under the Milky Way - The Church

Intergalactic - Beastie Boys (may not fit your needs, but thought I'd toss it on)

Rapture - Blondie

Flash - Queen
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Gamma Ray has an entire album titled "Somewhere Out in Space." From that album, here's Beyond the Black Hole.
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Almost any track from To Our Children's Children's Children - The Moody Blues

At the expense of showing my age (I loved it when it first came out), Sheb Wooley's Flying Purple People Eater (cheesy youtube video).

And, of course, Mr. Spaceman, performed by The Great Gonzo, Rizzo the Rat, and Jimmy Buffett!
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Too recent to be considered "classic" rock, but rock nonetheless:

The Codetalkers have a few space-themed songs including, well, Outer Space and Galaxy Girl.

Lyrics here:

Outer Space
Galaxy Girl
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If you're interested in opening up beyond "classic rock," may I recommend the genre of space disco/space-themed Italo? I'm talking full-on vocoders, lyrics about alien love, the works.
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Rush - Natural Science
Rush - Countdown
"(Natural Science" is stompy, "Countdown" not so much)
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54 comments in and no Godzilla? Blue Oyster Cult is awesome.
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'39 by Dr. Brian May and Company
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Tony Carey did a bunch of space / science fiction stuff under the auspices of "Planet P" back in the day. (The day, according to Wikipedia, includes 2008).
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Wow, surprised no one has mentioned Star One yet. It's a side project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen from Ayreon (who have plenty of spacey/sci-fi songs themselves), and the goal was to make an album of cheesy, huge space metal that is a throwback to all of the bands everyone has listed above. Definitely worth checking out.
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Self-link, not hard rock, but very stupid and very much about space: rocket to venus.
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"Planet Queen" T REx
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"Lost in Space" by Avantasia - more fantasy metal than RAWK, but very awesome.
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Hmm...a bit afield, but "Riding on the Rocket" by Shonen Knife
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