Some Sort of Maybe Swedish Brownie Mentioned in a Mefi Thread
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Looking for the name of a Scandinavian (I think) dessert recently mentioned somewhere on mefi...

Ok, I realize this is a longshot. In the past week or so, in the middle of some thread (I can't even remember if it was mefi or askme or meTa) someone mentioned that there is a certain kind of dessert, that was either Danish or Swedish or maybe Norwegian, that was essentially a brownie but it had a liquid center. The name was something like hakka....halla...halakala....something.

As you can imagine, googling "swedish or danish hala something or haka something" is not giving me much. And I apparently didn't have the foresight to favorite the comment.
Does anyone have the slightest clue what I'm talking about? I really want to make some of these things!
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A site-wide search turns up no results for kladdkaka or variants thereof on mefi, though :(
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That's it! Maybe she (I'm pretty sure it was a she) was spelling it differently? Because that is absolutely it. Thank you so, so much for being able to figure that out from what little I remembered.
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