There has to be someone who wants to work with me!
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How can I meet another passionate person to help me with a project?

I have been working on a project (an online game) for some months. I have a lot of content/design/mechanic stuff done, and I am working on learning RoR so that I can code it, but I would really like to find someone to work along side of to bounce ideas off of, and to help with the coding.
I know I could rent-a-coder, but I would much rather find someone who would like to collaborate with me and build this into something.

I don't live in an area with any tech population to speak of, so just finding someone who has similar interests to me is hard enough, let alone someone who has similar interests, is motivated, and can code.
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Go to game makers forums?
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You could try getting in touch with local art schools or unis that run games design/software design courses. They might be able to get you together with current students or alumni who were interested in your project. This came to mind because most of the art school alumni i know don't use their skills as much as they'd like. any who thats my best shot
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Put it on freshmeat. Lots of people will see it. I can't guess what your odds would be of finding someone to help work on it, but it seems a likely place to try.
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I know a lot of people in the (internet) gaming business, and these days a lot of them are underemployed and probably interested in "hobby" work. MeMail me a description and I'll see if I can find a match.

You could also attend one of the big conferences and just talk a lot. :)
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Thanks for the answers to far!! I am going to contact the nearest college tommorow and see if they have somewhere to post things like this, I also put a post on craigslist, but just have gotten spam from that so far..

Rokusan, I sent you a mefimail.
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