Wire-free, please
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Where can a NY gal find bras that don't have wires? The less expensive the better.

I don't like shopping, so I am asking you all to lend me your shopping expertise. It's practically impossible to find anything but underwire bras, at least where I do shop.
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Check out anywhere with Calvin Klein - they tend to have one or two in there collection that don't have wires. You could also try the bra selector at zafu.com that can help you find what brands meet your requirements.
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Look for Playtex Thank Goodness It Fits brand. No underwire, half-size cups ("almost" A, A, almost B, B etc.). Here in the midwest they have them at Penney's and Kohn's; if you don't have those stores I would think Macy's would carry this brand. (I can't go into Macy's, since they killed our beloved Marshall Field's in Chicago! Just thought I'd throw that in.) Anyway, the bras are great.
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The CK perfectly fit wireless bra is my new favorite, it's usually in stock in Macy's. It's $38, and the CK style number is F2781 if you like it and want to hunt it down online.
No, I don't work for CK, I just think that underwire is the devil and have gone through the excruciating search you are undertaking. Good luck!
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It would be helpful to know where you shop.

Barenecessities.com and figleaves.com allow you to pick by bra type, if you're into ordering.

Town Shop (Broadway and 80th) and Bra Smyth (Broadway and 77th?) are old school bra shops that will hook you up in a...high-touch environment. Not in a creepy way, just don't be surprised if they're fairly hands-on, so to speak, with the fitting.

Target also has a wide variety of bras, at least the one at 225th St.
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Forever 21! The few times I've been, they always have no-wire bras. And no bra (wire or otherwise) costs more than $8.00. Locations all throughout the city.
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Barely There makes a nice one. I don't know if they have Kohl's in NY, but it is online.

Hanes makes a nice one too. $10 online.
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If you're a standard size (34-38 A-C), then I saw some at Target.

Option one
Option two

I seem to remember that Consumer Reports thinks highly of the Target bras.
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I just bought three new wireless bras at Macy's and I LOVE THEM. The brand is Warner. Macy's also has the nice ladies who will measure you and help you find the right size (DO THIS! They are geniuses!), and their bras are almost always buy two-get one free.
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Gap has a wireless t-shirt bra that is Teh Awesome. I think it's about $35.
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You have lots of great recommendations for bras, so I hope you find something you love. But, as jrichards says, proper fitting may make a huge difference for you. If you haven't seen a professional fitter yet, and if you're choosing not to wear underwire bras because they're uncomfortable, you may find that a properly fitted underwire bra would actually feel great.

I hung onto my few old non-underwire bras for years because they were so hard to get and the underwire bras I tried either hurt or never fit properly. (It wasn't just the wires: I found that the cups were either too snug or too empty). But once I was fitted, I found that I loved the look and feel of my new, perfectly fitted underwire bras. So while you're scouting stores and fitters, and if you're curious, see if you have the same revelation that I did. It's really nice to have a broader array of options than I had before. If not, good luck with the suggested styles being listed here.
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I'm not sure if you're in NY the state or NY the city, but if it's NYC, I'd strongly recommend Town Shop. I always make a trip there when I visit the States. They'll measure and fit you properly and they always have several racks of sale items. If you tell them you don't want underwire, they'll look for non-underwire ones for you (yes, even on the sale rack). But as rosebuddy says, a properly fitted underwire bra is a thing of joy to wear and to look at.

The last bra I bought from Town Shop was, I believe, about $15 (on sale) and it's the most comfortable bra I've ever owned. I've never been pressured to buy an expensive bra and the staff are as helpful and gracious with the $20 customers as they are with the $200 ones.
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Figleaves.com, a large online lingerie retailer, is having a huge holiday sale. They have TONS of wire-free bras in a variety of sizes, and have a generous return/exchange policy. Check the bras out here.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the answers.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I shop primarily at Filene's Basement and the Gap, and Nordstrom's Rack when I am in LA.

Macy's is a good suggestion because I work just down the street.

I do own a few underwires, but the soft cup variety is just so much nicer to wear, and I don't have that feeling of "Jesus, I gotta get this thing off" at the end of the day.

I've toyed with the idea of going into those bra boutiques for a few years, but like I said, I can bring myself to go shopping for clothes only a handful of times a year. And so when I'm actually doing it, most of the time, I want to find something I like and that fits and get it over with. (Unless I'm with my sister, who is a real clothes horse--go figure!)
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