Looking for bog standard pub grub in London
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I'm looking for somewhere, easily accessible from central London, that does a bog standard 3-course roast dinner (or similar standard pub fayre) at about £15 a head for about 20 people in January.

I was told, and I quote, "none of that fancy, foreign food"*

The plan was to go to a Harvester. The nearest Harvester to us is apparently an hour's drive up the A40. I vetoed this on the basis that I, and several others, already have to travel an hour to get into central London, and we would not travel to Victoria to then have to sit on a minibus on the A40. I also pointed out that we were all based in and around central London, surely there must be somewhere nearer that could cater for us.

I should learn not to speak up at times like these.

So, I'm looking for something like a Harvester, accessible from central London, zone 1 or 2, and more West-ish than East-ish.

The venue can offer fancy, foreign food, but there should be a meat and two-veg option.

Bonus points if:

- It's within the borough of the City of Westminster, as that's where we are based

- It isn't actually a pub (there's a small Muslim contingent, who don't turn usually turn up to the social events, I think you can figure out why. I would like to think we at least made an effort to find somewhere slightly more accommodating to everyone.) Baby steps, people, baby steps. I rock the boat enough by being 20 years younger than everyone else, and actually doing things. As much as I would love to capsize the whole vessel and start again, the annual social event is neither the time nor the place.

*Yes, I believe this definition of fancy, foreign food includes pasta and pizza.
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The Toby carvery near me is really nice. You might find one near you. It is a pub, and they have a side of pork on display unfortunately. There don't seem to be many 'english' restaurants apart from gastropubs and high end dining.
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Hmmmm....difficult to find one that's both bog standard and not a pub.
Try searching here.
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How about the Strand Palace Hotel, which has a carvery at £14.95 a head. Vegetarian options available.
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How about the ubiquituous chain of Wetherspoon's? Admittedly it's more of a pub with grub than an actual restaurant, but for basic non-foreign food, it's fine.

Or there's Porters' English Restaurant. Probably a tad pricey mind.

How about the cafe at the National Theatre or the National Film Theatre on the South Bank?
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