iphone usage in Mexico
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I want to use my iphone (2.0) in Mexico. Is it possible to buy a local SIM card and use it in my iphone WITHOUT jailbreaking my phone?

I know I can use the AT&T plans, but they're pretty expensive - thought it might be cheaper to buy a local SIM card. Will it work?
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The Rebel SimCard is the one option. It works together with a new SIM card to fake the iPhone into thinking it's still talking to an approved SIM.
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While in Mexico, I have used a friend's Telcel SIM card in my ATT iPhone 3G. The charges (minor) showed up on her bill later.

I only used it for like an hour or so, enough to collect and respond to all my mail and such, but it worked in 3G, yes.

Note that there's no unlimited data plan with Telcel (or there was not three months ago, anyway), so it could be expensive. Not as expensive as roaming data, of course, but more than you're used to.
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(Telcel, of course, is one of the two the official iPhone carriers in Mexico, so that might have helped. I have also used (my own) Rogers SIM card when in Canada... again, the approved carrier.)
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or you could just get simple prepaid phone. I would also complain to Apple, since this wouldn't be an issue with any other phone, like a Nokia.
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