Why isn't miracle fruit working on me?!
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Why isn't miracle fruit working on me?!?!?

I've tried it 2 different times, once using two fruit. I notice a minor difference, but nothing like the New York Times article. Vinegar is still sour, limes are only mildly palatable, sour cream kind of tastes like yogurt. Beer tastes pretty much the same, pickles have less bite, same with sauerkraut...

What is wrong? Do I need to brush my tongue? Have I just had bad luck? Could the fruit be bad somehow?

For those not in the know:
New York Times Article on Miracle Fruit
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Have you really let the fruit rub all over your tongue? You've gotta give it a good 30 seconds in your mouth at least.
posted by emyd at 10:42 PM on November 10, 2008

AFAIK the fruit could, in fact, be bad - I've had great success with the fruit in tablet form. Apparently the tablets last longer, and may even be more potent.
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Is someone else having markedly better results from the same batch of fruit? Is someone else trying this with you at all? If not, I think you need to get a friend involved in the experiment.
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Response by poster: Haven't had a tasting buddy yet... wanted to check it out for myself before I invited over a bunch of people.

I've held it in my mouth both for 1 and 2 minutes when trying the different fruits. I'm having a few people over tonight so I guess I'll know.
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The berries go bad very quickly after they're picked (like 1-2 days). I suggest the tablets as well.
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