How to migrate eWallet database to Android?
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I recently migrated from a Windows powered smart phone to HTC G1 running Android. I was able to migrate all my contacts and schedules from Outlook to Google online apps. The only problem is migrating my passwords and accounts database which was running eWallet. eWallet is offered for iPhone but not for Android. The application offers export to a text file but I have no idea what other password management software would support import. Has anyone had to deal with the same problem?
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Keepass should work on the G1 since it's a Java based program. It supports import of CSV files, so you could either directly import the text file (depending on the format) or first import that file into Excel/OpenOffice and then export a correctly formatted CSV file.
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Keepass should work on the G1 since it's a Java based program.

Few, if any, Java programs will work straight out of the box. They have to be recompiled or else run via a JIT program.

There are a number of password-keeping programs in the Android Marketplace, but I have not tried any of them. Like your hope for eWallet, I hold out hope that 1Password will appear on Android, but Android is so new that it's too early to say what will and will not make it, especially since Android Marketplace will not allow charging for apps until first quarter of next year, which means a lot of software publishers are waiting.

Your best bet, it seems to me, would be to save the passwords in your Gmail account. Put them in a message, give the message a unique label, make sure your Android Gmail is set to connect via SSL, and then you have pretty good secure access to them. You could do the same thing with an htaccess- and SSL-protected web page.
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PS: J2ME MIDP Runner is the program I was thinking of that will allow you to run some Java-based apps without recompiling, but it's expressly for Java apps already coded to run on mobile phones. I've tried it with some success.
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