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I'm looking for news stories, blog posts, photos, video clips, mash-ups or anything else that captures the impact and emotion of Barack Obama's victory, especially on a personal level.

Some examples might be:
- Sheri Sheppard breaks down on The View

- a young black conservative writes about how Obama's victory affected him

- Stephen Cobert tears up when Obama is announced as the winner

- there was a clip I saw somewhere and can't seem to find again of Condi Rice's touching remarks this morning about Obama's historic win.

...and why not, even stuff from before the election like the clip of the elderly black volunteer who won a raffle to meet Barack Obama.
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Check out this link to Juan Williams' reaction that someone posted in a question I asked earlier today.
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The World Reacts

There''s currently a nice photo gallery up on

The Big Picture is more pre-election night, but it brings it all home.
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Go to YouTube, do a search on "obama celebration [name of city or neighborhood]", and then make sure to do a sort by date to see the most recently uploaded ones. The ones from all the different neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Manhattan are especially good; lots of people spontaneously partying in front of delis and bodegas, with African drumming and Latin musicians and New Orleans style jazz bands playing "When the Saints Come Marching In"...

I've been checking in there all day, and great new footage is showing up every few minutes.
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Here's the Condi clip from AP.
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Colin Powell reacts.
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George Wallace's daughter.
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Response by poster: I've got three times as many people favouriting this thread as posting comments to it with it already having dropped off AskMe's front page. So I thought I'd add a few more things I came across (mostly from Reddit's Barack Obama section) to the list to hopefully give this post some more usefulness in the future...

- a good place to start for links to reactions - the MetaFilter thread on Election Day and the subsequent one after Obama was announced as the winner.

- a 114-year old daughter of slaves, the world's oldest African-American, votes for Obama

- photos of reactions from around the world

- REM celebrate on stage in Santiago, Chile

- I love this cartoon showing Obama at the end of a long line of white Presidents.

- Another cartoon - "Holy shit - Obama won!"
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Don't forget to check out Daryl Cagle's round-up of newspaper editorial cartoons about Obama's win.
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i thought that this was pretty striking.
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There are multiple links to celebration videos on the bottom left and middle of
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Response by poster: "A Butler Well-Served" might be the saddest story I've come across yet.
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Response by poster: Alice Walker's message to Barack Obama.
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Response by poster: Two elderly women who traveled to Chicago for the celebration but are too tired to stand the lines for Grant Park hear of Obama's victory from a *very* unlikely source.
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This Daily Show segment on international rejoicing is a keeper - make sure you watch the last of the three minutes.
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WONDERUL set of four photos from the Election eve rally in Manassas.
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