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What does Barack Obama smell like?

Despite the creepy and irrelevant nature of this inquiry, I am genuinely curious to know. Pine? Pencil shavings? I want a composite scent based on hard facts. It cannot be an impossible task; he is extremely famous and daily comes into contact with thousands of people who have functioning aural facilities.

- Is his choice of cologne known publicly?
- What about detergent?
- Does he enjoy onions on his sandwich?
- Does anyone have a first-hand account?

I tried a search to no avail, but it's likely I am missing some relevant article (I can't be the first person to wonder. Um. You know?)

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Response by poster: Aural facilities are very important, but what I meant to say was olfactory senses.
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Best answer: Some of the people over at Kos thought he smelled like smoke after he claimed to have quit smoking. Someone said his shirt smelled like fabric softener. This dog says he smells good. There are these idiot air fresheners which they describe as "much-needed fresh air". Some say new carpet.

I met him in 2004 and he smelled like nothing, nothing at all.
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I have met plenty of politicians, although not Obama, and none of them smelled, regardless of their ideology. I think they are smart enough to take showers and avoid scents.
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What Beagle said.

I would think politicians would be careful to avoid colognes and strong soaps that might offend the nostril - or worse upset someone's allergies.

Sometimes all it takes is that one thing to create a bad association with an event or person. Poor cologne choice is a hardly worth the presidency.

Or something like that.... :)
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I've met him a few times, once in a small room, but I never noticed a particular odor.
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He smells like B.O.
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I have met Senator Obama twice. I discerned no odor.
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He smells like a breath of fresh air....seriously though, I've met him once and didn't detect anything, but then of course I was too busy being completely awestruck as I shook his hand ...and there were like 20,000 other people around at the time as well....
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Best answer: according to Michelle, he's snore-y & stinky, at least in the morning
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Mod note: a few comments removed STOP with the hope and victory comments
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jessamyn and East Manitoba Regional Junior Kabaddi Champion '94 - no odor like nothing worth noticing, or no odor like freakishly without one? Because I've heard that about Gore, which is shocking becaues he looks sweaty on the TV.

Also, why are we asking this?!?!
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I've met him too; he smelled like nothing in particular. The old NH banquet hall where the event happened had a stronger smell itself than any people there, including Obama.

The hell....? What's the purpose of asking this? It's an asshole-magnet of a question.
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I'm volunteering at a rally for him on Friday, if he comes anywhere near me, I'll take a big sniff and let you know.

And I can't believe the B.O. comment stayed, either. The comment smells like B.S. to me.
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I'm sure part of the reason it stayed is because it prevents the mods from having to endlessly delete a B.O. comment every time the joke occurred to somebody. That is to say it's true, answers the OP's question accurately, is well-intentioned, light-hearted and lastly, damn funny.
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A friend of mine just met him on Sunday, and said he smelled 'good'. Like what, I do not know. Perhaps I will ask. But apparently he has very soft hands.
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I think the "B.O." comment was a play on his initials, which is why it stayed.
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When I met him, he didn't smell like anything.
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Echoing what others have said, I shook his hand in February, and noticed no smell at all.
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Best answer: Apparently his plane doesn't smell very good: "The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama's, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time."
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Response by poster: Thank you for the links and input, all very enlightening. HopperFan, please do!
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Sorry, I ended up on the outskirts of the crowd, since I took tickets/directed people until just before he came on. I can say, though, that he looked very fresh - ie. shirt pressed, no sweat stains, etc... Here's a video.
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i've been in the elevator with him twice during the primaries. he smelled like cigarette smoke.
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