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I need to convert a Quicktime movie to one single JPEG image that contains every frame of the movie. So you'd see each frame as a tiny image and there'd be thousands of little images in this one JPEG. I've done this before, and I have the image, but I just cannot find it again! This would be for the mac. Thanks
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Well, if you have quicktime pro, it'll do this.
Export: Movie to Image Sequence> and change it to JPEG.

There maybe be some third party software that lets you get to this part of quicktime...

If you don't own QTPro, you can do this in iMovie HD
Share>Quicktime> Expert Settings, and change it to Movie to Image Sequence as above.

It's similar with the new imovie. You might be able to do it through itunes as well.
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Best answer: Okay, I'd like to think I'm an expert on doing this so...

There's a free app for OS X called Thumber. That's probably what you want.

However, over on my personal blog, I've hacked together a customizable version of the original "Cinema Redux" script that Brendan Dawes wrote. It's NOT user friendly in the least, but it's an option if Thumber isn't exactly what you're looking for and you don't mind looking at basic code.
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