What's shutting down in Chicago on Election night?
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Does anyone know what and when things are closing in Chicago on Tuesday? I live v. v. close to Grant Park, and am wondering how much trouble I'm going to have going to work, voting, and coming home. Different websites are saying different things.
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From the Chicago board of elections: The polling place for each precinct in the City of Chicago is to be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Any eligible voter in the door of the polling place by 7 p.m. is allowed to vote.
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Here's the Tribune's article on parking and driving restrictions.
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On the tribune or chicagoist, I saw that building managers are asking loop businesses to have their employees go home at 3. Gates to Obamapalooza are supposed to open at 8:30, but it's not clear where overflow is supposed to go, or when overflow will start showing up.
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Basically, forget driving anywhere east of the Kennedy/Dan Ryan, south of Chicago, and north of Roosevelt, late tomorrow night (!) through early on the 5th.

If you're in walking distance, you should be fine. Buses will become dicey as you approach 7PM -- and lots of them reroute -- basically, anything that would take LSD is going to end up on Mich Ave. This mostly affects expresses to the South side, but X146 and X136 are nailed as well. Outbound early in the evening, and inbound late, will probably be reasonable. The reverse will be packed. I'm not looking forward to the Blue Line that night, thankfully, it's O'Hare to Belmont for me, but I expect that train to be packed full at Rosemont.

CTA will be running rush hour rail service, but it's going to be swamped. Metra is going to try to run as much as they can, but they've already said they have to back down by 1AM or they won't be able to service the morning rush on the 5th.
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Response by poster: Fudge. I live in the South Loop and work on Navy Pier. Ack!
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