Looking for bars near Grant Park
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Chicago-Obama-Filter: Can you recommend a bar with good TV viewing of the election coverage near Grant Park?

Partially building on this AskMe.

I've reserved my ticket, but like everyone else I have all sorts of questions.

Mainly though I'd like to find a quite, non-tourist bar near Grant Park where I can drink and watch the news without much of a hassle before going over to get in line. Something inside the Loop and divey would be great.

I just received the following from the DNC: "Ticket holders should walk towards Grant Park on Congress Parkway, then walk south on Columbus Drive to the site." So, somewhere near that would be good.

Also, any advice on when I should get in line? Or if ticket holders will be ushered in?

I'll be checking this thread between now and late Tuesday and updating it with details as I find them. Thanks for any and all advice.

Bonus points if any Chicago Me-Fi's want to join.
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I'm not sure if they'll be showing the election on Tuesday night (you can always call and ask to find out), but just thinking of the bars I know in that general area, the South Loop Club on State and Balbo is the first one that comes to mind.

I've been wondering when to head over to Grant Park myself. I'm thinking of getting something to eat after I leave work at 5:30 and then head directly over to the park. It isn't that I want to be the first one there since I know that people will start lining up very early in the day; rather, I figure that the earlier I get there, the more time I'll give myself to avoid as much of the security hassle as possible (hopefully).

If I hear of any additional details about what we can expect on Tuesday night, I'll definitely post them here!
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Best bar close to Grant Park is Miller's Pub. Have no idea if they'd put election and sound on though. Ribs are awesome there.
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Hackneys at Dearborn and Balbo is delicious and excellent and non-touristy.
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Response by poster: Details from the Trib. Nothing really new, but hopefully we'll see more details today. Ticket holders are supposed to be emailed between 6 and 7pm tonight.
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Did you pick anything? I'm on the waiting list for tix but not holding my breath. I may go down there anyway just to be part of the excitement. I don't know how I'll get down there before 9, though.
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Response by poster: No picks yet... waiting on my ticket to be emailed to me, and whatever details that may include. I'll keep this AskMe updated.
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At this point this may be the Obamapalooza meetup thread. I'm ticketless but I'm planning on going downtown tommorow afternoon as well.
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I can't post anything in MeTa since I'm within a week of my last post, but maybe someone wants to start a thread there? There's a planned Chicago meetup for Nov 5, but I won't be able to make that. I would LOVE to have one tomorrow night.
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Response by poster: Just hijack the Nov 5 meetup thread - everyone is looking at that one...
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Response by poster: Just heard this on NPR:

Emergency management chief Ray Orozco says everyone, ticket or no ticket, will have to enter the park on Congress Parkway, from the West. Those with tickets will be ushered toward the event. Everyone else will be led North, to the section of Grant Park known as Butler Field. Orozco says rally-goers should pack lightly.

OROZCO: If they're bringing a backpack with some snacks, and that's what we recommend, and some water, we obviously recommend that. You've got to remember you're going to an event that you're going to be standing at for possibly quite a few hours.

Orozco says security will start turning people away if they see the park nearing capacity. Officials are urging people not to show up until the 8:30 p.m. start time, when they'll begin allowing people into the park.

Which conflicts with earlier with statements saying bags and backpacks would not be allowed...

Ugh... why can't the city get its shit together on this?

The Trib is keeping their "guide to the Obama rally" semi-updated, but it's not that useful unless you want to compare contradictory statements. (It seems that bags maybe okay outside the non-ticketed area... but really, who knows?)

WGN and CLTV have "breaking news" here with some Grant Park rally features...
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Response by poster: Well, the trib page linked to above has updated details now.
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Butler field is supposed to have a large screen projecting the rally.

This is certainly an improvement over just having a milling crowd unhappy about being at the wrong side of the park.
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