Where do I go in NYC to cheaply replace my watch battery and wrist band?
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Where is a cheap place to go in Manhattan (Chinatown?) to get a new leather brown wrist band as well as get the battery replaced for my watch.

It's not a fancy watch (just a simple timepiece from Diesel) but I like it a lot. The leather brown band has become too split to wear and the battery needs to be replaced.
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Best answer: Lots of cheap watch repair places in the Diamond District (47th St between 6th Avenue and 5th Avenue). Should cost about a fiver to replace the battery. Bands will vary depending on quality, might want to shop around a bit, but there are dozens of places within the block.
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Best answer: If you're on the west side of midtown, there are a couple of kiosks in the Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd and 8th) that will replace batteries and bands. There's one just inside the north entrance (the one closest to 42nd street).
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