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Way old version of WordPress ( I need to upgrade, obviously. I am considering switching hosts at the same time and so I am trying to figure out how to export the current blog so I can import it once upgraded at either current or new host. But I can't figure out how to export on and I am so frustrated.

Apologies in advance for length. I know just enough to get in trouble, as you will see, so I am trying to cover all my bases in terms of providing information.

My site is currently hosted on cornerhost.com; I access my database using phpMyAdmin (version 4.1.22-standard), and I have an installation of WordPress Obviously this needs to be upgraded, badly. I am willing to stay with the same host but it is not simple for me to manage my WP databases and that is a large reason why I am considering switching. I have an account with dreamhost.com for another site, and am enamored of the ease of installing and updating software such as WordPress. So I am leaning towards moving to Dreamhost to avoid future such problems.

EXCEPT I want to move the blog, obviously, and the same problem exists whether I am just upgrading in place at my current host or moving to a new host: I can't figure out how to export the existing blog. I can export a SQL file (or CSV, Excel, LaTeX, etc) from phpMyAdmin. But new WordPress (where the Import feature is really easy to find!) wants a "WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file." I know I have imported from a Movable Type blog, so import/export must exist in my current installation ... somewhere? But I simply cannot find it.

WordPress Codex doesn't have much documentation on, and I've tried searching Codex and Google and understanding the results, but I am so frustrated that I may well be overlooking some relevant information in search results etc.

So, does anyone have experience with old versions of WordPress? Can you help me export? Or perhaps guide me on importing a SQL or other type of export?
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Best answer: Import the SQL to the new database using PHPMyAdmin on the new site.

Then download a copy of the latest WordPress package to your computer, unzip the files, and upload it to your site, over-writing the old files. Change the wp-config.php file on the new site to reflect the new database name and password for your new host.

Run the upgrade script.

That should work in most cases.
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Best answer: Wordpress 2.6.3 lets you import from an RSS feed. You'll find the option under Manage > Import. Set the RSS feed in your old blog to show as many posts as possible, then set a fresh install of Wordpress up on your new host. Use the Import feature on the new blog to pull all the posts over.

When you have the new install working, add the wp-db-backup plugin to the list of plugins. It's invaluable for making backups of your database.
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However, importing through the RSS feed won't import the comments from the old blog.
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You didn't ask for hosting recommendation, but just in case I've switched to HostPapa (.com, or .ca in Canada), and they've been fabulous. Their tech support people have expertise, and always extend past the "official" support to help me out. They have a long list of tools, including setting up a WordPress back-end (click, click, click). Looking for chances here and there to repay them with some karma, so I hope that's useful to you. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Hooray, madman's way worked! The RSS method didn't look like it would bring saved drafts and other stuff (including comments, as mentioned) but I was going to do that if absolutely nothing else worked. But importing the tables (slightly challenging as the file was too big to use the GUI, and I had to hunt around for a well-documented explanation of doing it via shell) and then copying the old files and then the new files worked. WordPress prompted me to upgrade and everything worked from there.

Yay, I am so relieved.

I will also be getting the backup plugin, so thanks, Solomon.
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