Pump him full of testosterone and he'll grow his own mustache! No, wait.
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Need to attach a felt mustache to my kid's face for a school Halloween party. No time to buy anything fancy (a la spirit gum or the like); what should I use?

We have masking tape, scotch tape, electrical tape. What will stick to his face the longest?
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elmer's glue would be near ideal. almost identical to spirit gum. non-toxic. any kind of single-sided tape will yield disappointing results, but of your three given options, masking tape will work best.
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I once used cut up pieces of band-aid rolled up to stick on a mustache when I couldn't find my spirit gum.
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Best answer: Mustache-on-a-Stick is the way to go.
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Apparently eggwhite can work as glue but I'm not sure how well it would work on skin.
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i used double-sided tape for a party last weekend.
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If you have a grocery store nearby, you could probably get eyelash glue.
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Another option completely: char a bit of cork and smear the burnt part on his upper lip.
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Best answer: You must have a washable glue stick. As long as he doesn't sweat too much I bet that would work well.
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Response by poster: Washable glue stick is perfect - he's got that at school, and it's not like it has to stick on for a very long time - just a walk around the block for a Halloween parade.

I also love the "mustache-on-a-stick" idea too.

Yay AskMe!
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Rubber cement would also work for this. Put some on the mustache and let it dry. Put some on your kid's upper lip and let it dry. It's transparent, non-sticky and flexible; you could do this before school. When it comes time to apply the mustache, just press it on. Instant bond.
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Honey might work. I used it on my bald-headed baby daughter to attach a ribbon so people would know she was a girl.
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nth the 'stache on a stick.

I don't think I'd recommend putting rubber cement under a kids nose. that stuff isn't so good for the brain cells. I also doubt glue stick glue would be enough to hold on while he talked, smiled, screamed, or any number of things other than holding perfectly still.
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I know you already marked this as solved, but I have to pipe in, seeing as I actually researched this exact thing for my job a couple of months ago: and double-sided tape works fantastically well. Get "heavy duty" double sided tape if you want to be extra sure it'll stick.
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Flesh-coloured elastic band
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Regular gum.
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Response by poster: Well, when it came down to it, we ended up using masking tape. Lots and lots of masking tape.
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