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A universal symbol for a low-speed electric vehicle?

Similarly to cocoagirl's question, I have a pure electric vehicle (vespa-style scooter, not car) that I would like to have people be able to tell at-a-glance is electric. I'm thinking more along the lines of a sticker for my cargo-box, rather than a personalized plate, though. Space is limited, so whatever symbol I pick can't be bigger than ~6"x10".

bonus points if it also informs them that whatever speed I'm going, it's as fast as the vehicle is capable of, and within 5 mph of the posted speed limit of any road I travel, so get off my ass. =p
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It's not a universal symbol, but how about 'SLOW'?
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I doubt there's a pre-made logo, but you could integrate something electric-y with the slow moving vehicle triangle -- maybe a lightning bolt or a car battery symbol (box with two terminals on top and a plus and minus sign or something)?
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Best answer: Slow moving vehicle triangle with a cartoon turtle inside?
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What about a graphic image of a plug with the words "I GO <30" superimposed on it?
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I'd do the battery icon (box with terminals) and an equals sign, and an iconic-style turtle. In a triangle, in black on yellow.

I reckon everyone'd get that.

(though I reckon the word "SLOW" would work too..)
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Bumpersticker: "I can't drive 55"

Second bumpersticker: "no, really"
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