How can I listen to Peel Sessions tracks?
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Where can I listen to BBC's Peel Sessions? There doesn't seem to be a way to stream them, or to buy them? Am I dense?

I'd like to listen to some Peel sessions from a few years back, in particular the Electrelane sessions, but sometimes others too. I can't find a way to do so. What am I doing wrong?
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I'm sure you noticed , but you can listen to some at

Also, Electrelane did release a cd of rarities including Peel sessions...
posted by twistedonion at 5:06 PM on October 30, 2008

yeah, looks like they have selected tracks up there in real audio... (at the top125 link that twisted onion provided).
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Response by poster: @twistedonion: Yeah, I have that CD, but it doesn't have all of them. Also (so you don't get burned the way I did), the Amazon MP3 album download leaves off the Peel "Oh, Sombra!" track.

@dan_g: The tracks I'm looking for aren't on that list. :-(
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yeah...I just noticed that not all of the listings on there have playable tracks either.
I just got lucky with my first couple searches.
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I don't think all the peel sessions have ever been released, I think Gideon Coe plays old sessions and archived tunes every evening on Radio 6... might be worth dropping him an email with a request, you never know your luck
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There's a huge list of download links at johnpeeldotnet. I don't know the date of the Electrelane sessionI think the guy that runs that site has seeded a few big archive torrents too. Sadly, I don't see a whole lot of Electrelane so far.
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Whoop, minus that "I don't know the date of the Electrelane session".
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You may have some luck over at The Perfumed Garden
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