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I know about lolcats. I know about loldogs. What I want are some other different lolanimals.

I love getting funny animal pictures every day, but I'm getting a little bored with just cats and dogs. Occasionally, Icanhascheezeburger will post a lolrabbit, or a lolbird or something, and I love these for the variety they add.

Where can I find other similar lolanimals, such as loltapirs, lolbees, etc?

I don't mind so much if they aren't updated regularly. What I'm looking for is variety of animals.
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lolrus. that's just a search, you'll have to look through them to get what all the talk about buckets is though, i think.
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There is always the classic Walrus bukkit.
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LOLTHULHU. Just because.
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Orly Owl is classic and predates lolcats by a bit

There is apples bear who is mainly concerned with apples and thermodynamics

Broccoli dog has a love hate relationship with broccoli.

Singing shark
and an anteater that says fuck you.

Not an animal, but lol wut pear has a lot of variations too.

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a bunny with a pancake on its head. (who is actually quite famous.)

I realize that's not quite what you were looking for, but consider it a brief overview of animal memes that grew up in conjunction with lolcats but never reached the same level of internet fame.
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lolsloth (at ICHC)
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They don't necessarily do the lulz, but cute overload can have some hilarious animal pics.
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Disapproving Rabbits
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BEHOLD, loljesus.
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LOLVogue (freaking hilarious)
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If people are going to post loljesus and lolvogue, I feel I need to tout lolFED. Because it's awesome, in a geeky way.
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here are more LOLBees.
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Scroll down. UR SO JELLUS is my favourite.
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LOLrats is the cutest.

Doesn't update much anymore, though.
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lol squirrels (more) (moar)
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Actually, a better first squirrel link is here.
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Not exactly animals, but try lolfed.
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Well, this isn't a site that's updated, but it's an LOLPRESIDENT!!!1 thread from that was insane.
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Some people would call these animals, I suppose: 1, 2, 3, 4. Warnings: tasteless, offensive, probably only make sense if you're British, self-links.
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Not an animal, but DRGBLZ

oh, teh hyoomanitee!
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LOL Improv Cats is really funny if your an improv geek at all, but its not funny if you know nothing about it.
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