Please help me create a mapping macro?
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Is to possible to map several addresses from an excel spreadsheet on Google earth, Google maps, etc. using a macro?

I have a spreadsheet of 1,629 addresses. They are in an excel file. I am interested in plotting them all on a map to visualize patterns of distribution within a geographic area. I have Google earth. I would like to use a macro and save myself some life, but I'm not sure whether this is possible.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Have you looked at BatchGeo?
posted by pjaust at 7:06 AM on May 13, 2010

also this

gps babel
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I made a similar request here. Maybe that will help.
posted by sanka at 8:48 AM on May 13, 2010

from Top 10 Things You Didn't Know Google Maps Could Do, Lifehacker also recommends BatchGeo for mapping multiple addresses (#1 on their list) - here's a video from the article.
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