Anyone know the title of this book?
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Back when I was in Elementary school around 1969 our teacher read a book aloud to the class that I remember as being kind of fantasy and kind of spooky. The plot was something about a sister and brother who were latch-key kids. I think the sister wore the house key around her neck on a green ribbon. Anyway, somehow they were "kidnapped" by an old person and and ended up on an island where the people never got older. I believe a closet was involved too THe way the people stayed young had something to do with the kids not being abled to leave. If someone knows the name of this book it would be great. Thanks.
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Was it "The Green Door"?
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It sounds a little like the earliest book in the Narnia series, Magician's Nephew.
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This sounds terribly familiar. Especially the green ribbon. Grrrrr.
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I know for a fact I have this book in my library at home, but I cannot remember the title. When I get home I will look it up. It's driving me crazy right now because I can SEE the cover in my head and I have the title in that part of my brain where it's just past retrievable.

Anyway, if nobody else answers this, I will hopefully find the answer for you this evening.
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Best answer: I have actually recovered this from my memory. It's by Bruce Clements and it's called "Two Against the Tide."
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"Two Against the Tide" was published in 1987. The OP says the story was read to him/her in 1969.
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Reprinted in 1987, originally published in 1969. I did look it up.
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Response by poster: OH MY GOSH! I forgot I had even posted this and when I saw the answers today I was...well wow! I am going to be late for work...because I just had to say YES and thank you! This has bugged me for 39 years! are all great-Thank you! I am going to find this and force my teenagers to let me read this to them!
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