Where Do I Find Red Longjohns in NYC?
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CostumeHelpFilter(NYC): I'm trying to pull my costume together at the last minute (namely: Artie, the Strongest Man in the World.) To do so, I need red longjohns / thermal underwear / tights -- and I need 'em someplace in NYC, so I can buy ASAP. Anybody know where such things could be purchased? (Online stores are not too helpful at this point.) Thanks!
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My first thought would be K-Mart (there's one on Astor place), and probably any similar place.
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American Apparel.
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Military surplus
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Best answer: American Apparel will almost definitely have them, but they're going to be a bit pricey. If I was you, I'd start at Delancey St. and walk up Orchard, stopping at all of the little miscellaneous clothing shops to see if anybody has a really cheap pair; if not, by the time you're at Houston you're at American Apparel anyway.
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You can definitely get red TIGHTS at department stores -- in the women's department, so just say you're getting them for your grandma if anyone looks at you funny, maybe.

You can definitely get long johns at K-Mart/Target/places like that; they may have red, they may not. But if all they have is white, all you need is a box of red fabric dye (which they'd also have as well) and an evening's soak in the sink to take care of that.
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Oh, and good idea. I'm going as Madame Defarge -- I've hacked up a dress that looks the part, I picked up a hat and I knit -- but I've sort of resigned myself to everyone still thinking I'm "a pilgrim lady".
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I don't know if there are any Jockey stores in NYC (Jockey like the underwear brand, not small horseriders) but I picked up some cheapish red thermals there last week out in CT.
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I was Artie last year and had a terrible costume before my friend took the reins. Everything we got was purchased from Target an hour before the party started:
Boy's red spandexy athletic shirt
Girl's way-too-short-and-small sweatpants
Blue fabric paint

I put everything on and she painted blue stripes on my shirt. It came out really good, but this is a costume where attitude is EVERYTHING. I danced like Artie, talked like Artie, and even went out on the roof and posed a few times. Make sure you get the haircut right too. Oh, also remember to write 60% titanium, 40% cotton on the shirt's label.
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Response by poster: Saladin nailed it -- but to everyone who suggested American Apparel, you were also correct.

The shirt had to be improvised a bit (who knew red/blue stripes of the right kind were so hard to find?)

Thanks, all!
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