60% titanium, 40% cotton.
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Where can I get the signature shirt of Artie, the Strongest Man in the World... in three days?

So I want to be Artie, the Strongest Man in the World (from the Adventures of Pete & Pete) for Halloween. I've had this costume idea for the past two years and I sort-of assumed it would be easy to find the shirt once the season rolled around, but I'm coming up way short. I need it for Saturday and I'm willing to beg, borrow, steal or pay exorbitant shipping fees to find the perfect match.

this is his wikipedia article.
Here's a better picture of the shirt.
and another.

I know this is my own fault and I deserve to be a lame ghost this year for my procrastination sin, but I throw myself on the mercy of the ax. If anyone can find this shirt, you can. yes YOU.

P.S. There need not be any real titanium in the shirt (although it would be nice), I plan to change the tag with a sharpie.
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This one comes sorta close(?)

At any rate...a Ebay search for 'striped shirts' brings up oodles of results.
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Here are a few more....none exact but might come close enough

This one

Short sleeve one

This one

Girls shirt

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Kmart, Target, etc little boys section. Unless you're huge, there are probably shirts for obese children that will mimic the fit of artie's ...
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Eh...I must be bored..

This one has pretty big stripes

This one is dang close but the colors are a bit bright

Small stripes

Not too bad but has collar

Now I am bored. Good luck!
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Best answer: A friend of mine made one last year by coloring in a white t-shirt. It turned out pretty well. Could be a good last resort.
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&navActionI think artie's shirt was from a children's pajamas set. Unfortunately it seems that all children's pajama sets these days are licensed. I found
purple and red
and black and red

and both are on sale! You could end up paying more for shipping than you would for the shirt!
if you only go dark places/believe hard enough, you can get away with it.
Have you tried the thrift store?
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Do you have a Steve & Barry's near you? The guy in this LiveJournal post seems to have found something appropriate there in the childrens' section.
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Bonus - next halloween you could go as Ernie
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Response by poster: I ended up getting a very tight child-sized red shirt and getting a friend to paint blue stripes on it. It was a HUGE hit. Thanks everyone!
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