Compression Shirts: What are they for?
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What is (/the original purpose of) a compression shirt? A local store has long-sleeved compression shirts on sale cheap and I've been looking for a cozy-n-toasty shirt for wearing like an undershirt in the winter that isn't longjohn/thermo material.
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i thought they were the same as, like, control-top panty hose, to make you look skinnier and less lumpy than you really are. maybe someone somewhere came up with something a bout it helping posture, or something, but i'm pretty sure they were designed with vanity in mind.
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they may be the equivelant of support hose, which help w/ circulation
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They are to aid in the reduction lymphatic swelling.
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I can't say with absolute certainty, but I believe that the original purpose of compression garments of any variety were to keep swelling to a minimum for post operative patients.
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They're also used in weightlifting and contact sports, 2 areas I have less than zero knowledge of -- I think Wired did a piece on them a while back, but I can't find it. I believe a few long distance runners I know wear them because they're good for wicking, which might indicate they're a good choice for comfort and temperature regulation.
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underarmour-style compression shorts are good for keepin the boys close and warm in the winter and cool and wicked in the summer. I've never used their shirts, but they'd have a similar effect.
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if you want long underwear that isn't like normal long underwear, you should try these.

although I would goto an outdoor store like REI to really get a feel for them.

expensive but worth it.
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I wear these quite often as long underwear in chilly Minnesota. They work great especially if you are going in and out. I tend to overheat in the waffle long underwear. These are much better.
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