Turn my Q into a Curve
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I've got an aging Motorola Q on Verizon. Someone just gave me a Blackberry Curve that was on ATT. How can I use the Curve?

I want to stay on Verizon. I thought I could just drop in the SIM from my Q. But, I don't see a SIM card behind the battery. The Curve has one though. What's the best way to get this curve working on Verizon's network? Thanks for your help.
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I don't think you can.
AT&T and Verizon use different technologies to run their networks.
And Verizon definitely doesn't have phones with removable SIM cards.
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The two carriers are not compatible.
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Response by poster: LAME!
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Yeah, specifically, Verizon uses CDMA technology and AT&T uses GSM. They're not at all compatible.
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Sell it and use the proceeds to help buy a Verizon BlackBerry?
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Agree w/ heavenstobetsy. If your Q is "aging," you may qualify for price discounts on their Curve.

Or you can just switch to ATT, which is not a bad service.
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Do what heavenstobetsy advised.

Or do what I did and drop Verizon like a bad habit (unless you live in an area where all the other carriers have crappy service.

I joined T-Mobile 2 years ago, and aside from a lack of 3G (would make my G1 that much sweeter) I have been thrilled with them, especially in comparison with Verizon.
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Response by poster: I really want a G1, but, I'm out in the woods too much to use T-mobile. Will a G1 conceivably work on a Verizon network?
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no G1 on VZW. Remember this simple rule:

VZW/AllTel/Sprint: CDMA (phones are, in theory, compatible, but the companies won't allow it)

T-Mobile/ATT: GSM (Compatible- just unlock and switch SIM card)

(Unless, of course, I'm wrong, in which case, someone will surely correct this)
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You're right.
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JMOZ has it right. you're trying to use a train that won't fit those tracks.
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Former phone seller: JMOZ has you covered.
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